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What if users see no value in your product and immediately switch off? How can you win back their hearts? Ask us — and learn how we improved a convoluted platform for booking ads.

Business challenges

Imagine you want to sell a car. You might consider posting your advertisement on social media, on Craigslist, or maybe even reaching out to local newspapers. Advertising can be a long and tedious process — especially if you're not a campaign pro, or used to running Facebook Ads. But what if you could book multiple spaces for your ad all at once, with just a couple of clicks?

This was our client’s idea. They had even made a functional app, but it was so overcomplicated that users saw no value in the product — and bounce rates were high. Our objective was to redesign the app and create a simple and user-friendly platform for booking online and offline ad spaces.

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Book and buy ad spaces

Choose from swiss newspapers, news websites, Facebook, and Instagram pages — just browse through the catalog of ad spaces as if you were buying a new coat. Each catalog page contains all the necessary data to help users pick their perfect ad space — circulation, publication schedules, readership, and more.

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Customize ads

Different media have their own standards for ads. OneAd makes it easy to customize each ad just as the media specifies by offering templates. You don’t have to read lots of complicated guidelines and create layouts from scratch — just add your own text and images.


Search by location

Let's imagine you want to sell your car in a certain region, city, or neighborhood— you’ll want to target a specific audience and post your ads in relevant publications. OneAd allows exactly that. You can browse newspapers and other sources by district, city, municipality, or even postal code.

Search by location


Geo-coding was the hardest part of this project. We thoroughly dissected exactly what our client wanted from this feature and implemented complex search mechanics. That’s why our location-based search turned out so great. Our search engine has a fine filter with parameters from regions to zip codes. It even offers a "catchment field" function, which shows the readership of an advertisement in a desired location, so users can make informed choices.

Geo coding


According to our client, after we launched our version of the website, they received significantly fewer user complaints. Even better, the new version helped our client drastically increase ad sales.


Swiss newspapers on the platform


Increased order volume

Zoftify treated the product as if it was their own, they brought their own ideas as well as improvements over the status quo.

Mirko M., Co-Founder & CTO at OneAd GmbH.

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