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We are a mobile app development agency hungry for challenges. Our people are capable of building scalable and feature-rich mobile & web products of any complexity. Literally.

Trusted by clients from over 12 countries

Experience working with various industries, regulations, and conditions makes our agency a great choice for clients who would like to feel safe when they are looking for a reliable software development partner.

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We are based in Estonia

It is a small country in Northern Europe, which is very popular among the IT community.

Estonia is a home for a dozen of well-known companies such as Skype, Bolt, Wise (former Transferwise), Playtech, Pipedrive, and others.

Zoftify Estonia

How did we do with pandemic

The 2020 year was a tough one. Many people as well as the companies are still struggling with the results of this pandemic situation. Our company has started following the principle of WFH (work from home) since the very beginning as the health of our employees is a top priority. Did we face any issues working remotely? Not at all. It was a common practice in our company even before. In fact, the productivity of our employees even grown, thanks to video calling, our great managers, and properly set internal processes.

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