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January 05, 2024

11 Best Practices in Travel Booking App Development

If you are considering developing a booking app, but aren’t how to increase your chances for success, check out these best practices.

travel app trends

December 27, 2023

14 Travel App Trends and Insights for 2024

Travel apps are certainly here to stay. Check out our article to see some of the newest app innovations and discover the trends to watch in 2024.

Top travel startups

December 16, 2023

Top 15 Travel Startups Transforming the Tourism Industry

Let's explore some of today's most interesting and transformative travel startups, with substantial funding and unique ideas that could change the industry.

Types of travel apps

December 13, 2023

8 Types of Travel Apps

Interested in travel apps and how they can benefit your business? Check out our article to learn about the 8 most popular types of travel applications.

December 08, 2023

Travel App Development: Building a Tourism Mobile App in 2024

The ultimate guide to mobile travel app development: processes, features, technologies, tools, security practices, and team structure.

December 04, 2023

OTA Affiliate Partnerships: How They Work and What to Choose

Check out our helpful guide comparing OTA affiliate program commissions. We also look beyond the rates to cookie durations, terms for payouts, and more.

November 23, 2023

Dynamic Pricing Strategy for Hotel Revenue Management

Dynamic pricing for hotels is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Here’s how you can utilize this strategy to level up your revenue management and stay competitive in the market.

13 KPIs to measure the success of your mobile travel app

November 18, 2023

13 KPIs to Measure the Success of Your Mobile Travel App

Explore essential KPIs to track in your mobile travel app. Learn the key metrics for mobile travel apps to optimize performance and user experience.

November 10, 2023

How to Convert a Travel Website Into a Mobile App

With traveler’s preferring to use mobile devices, there’s never been a better time to turn a travel website into an app. Explore the best app options to stay competitive in the tourism industry.

November 07, 2023

12 KPIs to Track in Hotel Booking

Discover hotel booking KPI examples to measure the success of your hotel or booking platform. Learn how to optimize performance and drive results.