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Travel app development services by industry experts

We design and develop modern, sleek, and fast mobile apps exclusively for the travel industry.

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Here is what Zoftify can do for you

Transform your travel app idea into a successful product

Ready to create your perfect travel app? We can build the tools you need, from advanced search to Apple/Google Pay integration. We specialize in custom travel mobile development services to provide you with a product tailored to your needs.

Review and optimize your current app

Our experts can assess the design and performance of your travel app and suggest innovative ideas for improvements and fixes. We’re always up to date with travel industry trends and can provide valuable feedback to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Utilize an effective cross-platform technology stack

The React Native framework allows us to create robust, cross-platform mobile apps at a lower cost to develop over native solutions. And we can release products faster, synchronize app updates, and ensure the best performance to help your app thrive in today's travel industry.

Convert your existing travel portal into a mobile app

Transfer all of your data into an app with ease. Our experienced team can convert your website into a webview app, a fully custom app, or a hybrid one. Not sure what’s best? We’ll assess your options and help you find the right solution for your business goals.

Ensure a seamless user experience

Our expert travel app developers create user-friendly, responsive products and guarantee fast loading times. User testing and feedback helps us to craft the best possible experience for your users.

Create a stunning, user-friendly interface

We design sleek, comfy, modern interfaces with intuitive navigations and accessible features. Our travel apps' design team can incorporate your color scheme, logo, and other brand elements to create a travel app you’re proud of. 

Integrate your app with your existing systems 

Enjoy a seamless experience by integrating with your booking engine or channel manager. Our custom app development team can integrate directly or through middleware for extra security. Increase your app’s capabilities and give users a reason to stick with you.

Add push notifications

Implement notifications into your app to keep customers up to date on important travel matters. But we’re more than just a mobile app development company — we want to see your business thrive. That’s why we can build targeted, personalized notifications, so you can keep users coming back for more.

Implement Apple Pay and Google Pay

Choose an agency that understands what today’s customers need. We can integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay into your app to enable quick and secure payments. These gateways ensure maximum convenience for your customers and more revenue for your company. 

Integrate APIs

We can safely integrate third-party APIs into your app to provide users with an unrivaled experience. Our mobile app developers can connect your app to different travel agencies, tour operators, hotel booking platforms, airline companies, and mapping services, so you can increase your value to customers.

Enable automatic app releases / deployments

You need a partner that will support your app in the long run. We offer ongoing support and maintenance, and can set up an automatic deployment process to save time and minimize coding errors each time a change is made. We take the stress out of owning an app. 

No need to explain GDS or hotel rate parity to us. We know the industry.

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9 reasons why now is the time to create a mobile travel app

Enhanced customer engagement

With an app, you get a new and direct channel to engage with customers. Our travel app development services help you offer personalized recommendations and valuable services to customers, which will boost loyalty and repeat bookings.

Mobile booking convenience

With the help of our travel application development services, you can offer unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Let customers easily search, compare, and book flights, hotels, car rentals, and activities on the go.

Location-based services

Our custom travel apps leverage GPS to offer tailored recommendations, local insights, and real-time information based on the user's location. Enhance the travel experience with location-based services.

Offline access

Give users offline access to essential travel information like maps and booking details, so they can stay connected even without an internet connection. We can enable offline access to set your app apart from the rest.

Customer service and support

With our travel app development services, you can upgrade your customer support offering with a live chat, FAQs, support ticket system, and more. Resolving issues quickly will help to improve customer satisfaction.

Efficient travel management

Centralize travel itineraries, reservations, and schedules with a user-friendly travel app from Zoftifty. With easy access to boarding passes and timely travel updates, we make travel planning a breeze. Customers will thank you with their loyalty.

Brand visibility and differentiation

Your app becomes a new mobile platform for showcasing your unique value proposition and telling your story through engaging visuals and a stunning interface.

Targeted marketing and promotions

Investing in travel app development services will drive sales and engagement. Use your app to deliver targeted marketing campaigns, personalized offers, and loyalty programs that help you stand out from the competition.

Data analytics and insights

With our travel app development services, you can make better business decisions. Our apps give you access to valuable data and insights on user interactions, preferences, and behaviors, which you can use to tailor your marketing efforts.

Travel app development solutions

Booking app

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to developing apps for travel booking services. The core features of these apps include an advanced search tool, a booking system, user profiles, secure payment gateways, and in-app customer support services. We can also implement advanced features like loyalty programs and customer reviews.

Holiday booking app

We can build a holiday booking travel app to help your customers plan complete vacation experiences. Offer tour packages and bundles, promote special offers, and implement other booking services, while easing travel agents' workload. 

Accommodation booking app

Looking for a travel app development company to build an accommodation booking app? We do it all, with booking apps for hotels and other providers. Your customers can  search based on destination, budget and other preferences, then make reservations on the go — and even check in digitally!

Flight bookings app

A flight booking travel app will let customers compare flights from various airlines. Connect your app to a global distribution system to provide more options than ever before. Then let users book and pay straight from their mobile device.

Car rental app

With a car rental app, our travel app development company makes it easier than ever for your customers to search for vehicles. Users can specify their pickup and drop-off locations and make quick payments.

Tour guide app

We know what makes a good tour guide app. Our app developers will implement interactive maps, guides, attraction finders and other key features to help travelers make the most of their trips.

Travel planning app

Developing a travel app for trip planning is a great way to offer extra value to your customers. We’ve built plenty of travel planning apps to make travel management easy — featuring itinerary builders, reminder notifications, and more.

Concierge app

When it comes to concierge apps, we know exactly what your business needs. We can build an app that offers recommendations based on user preferences and location, notifies travelers of important updates, helps them choose transportation options, and provides round-the-clock customer assistance.

Luxury concierge app

We develop concierge applications for luxury travel agencies wanting to provide exclusive experiences and custom services. Just like a personal manager, a luxury concierge app can enable restaurant reservations, VIP access to events, and more — perfect for a luxury travel business with high-value clients.

Stress-free process with a top travel app development company

Say goodbye to crashes and bugs

Our well-established QA process ensures that your final product performs perfectly and is bug-free. We use Crashlytics for real-time crash reporting to quickly fix any issues and ensure 100% satisfaction with your app.

Monitor the mobile application development process in real time

Stay in tune with your software development process at all times with access to a task management board, project documentation, and frequent demos. As a professional mobile app development company, we also assign you an experienced project manager who will be on hand to support you.

Ensure security

To ensure the security of user data, we implement strong encryption protocols and secure payment gateways. Ours dedicated team of travel app developers adheres to industry-standard security practices and guarantees the protection of user information.

Grow your travel company as we refine your app

Development takes time and effort, but it doesn't have to burden your business in any way. We make sure you have time to run your company, while we handle all design and development work. Our established workflow minimizes hassle for our travel industry clients.

How Zoftify develops travel apps

We created a unique development process that consists of several important steps, allowing us to deliver great results consistently.

Discovery and UI/UX

The process kicks off with a deep dive into your business processes and the market research. This stage consists of discovery workshops, user research, defining functionality, wireframing, testing, and validating your product. We suggest that all travel app development projects start with the discovery phase.

Mobile app development

During this stage, our developers code your custom travel mobile app according to the plan and your vision. We’ll work iteratively, so you can see the progress of the build in stages, to make sure that you’re happy. We follow an agile travel app development process and all of our app releases are automatically deployed to save time.

Deployment & release

Your app is reviewed for platforms like the Play Store and App Store before we publish it. Then we launch! Users can now start downloading your app on their devices.


Our travel mobile app development company provides ongoing maintenance and support services for the products we create. We handle post-launch tracking, updates, and enhancements to keep your product competitive and maintain customer satisfaction.

Benefits of working with Zoftify

Travel and tourism industry expertise

Zoftify builds top-notch travel app solutions that help businesses thrive. Our team consists of travel software development experts who know the challenges and opportunities of the current market.

iOS and android app development experience

It's important for travel companies to consider their target audience and decide which mobile platform to target when developing travel apps. As a custom software development company, we build feature rich travel apps for both iOS and Android.

Ongoing support

You need a mobile app development company that will be there for you at every step. That’s why we provide ongoing maintenance and support services, even after your app launches, so you can focus on running your business. No need to worry about app releases, testing, or anything else. We’ve got it all covered.