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What is travel API integration?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a piece of intermediary technology that allows travel platforms like websites and mobile apps to access a wide array of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, and more, directly from service providers.

By integrating APIs from multiple suppliers, you can aggregate a huge selection of travel options, giving your customers more choice than ever before. From flight booking to hotel reservations, your platform becomes the go-to for all travel needs.

Travel API integration is the process for getting these different systems to communicate and share information with each other. Here at Zoftify, our API integration services connect travel companies to suppliers with ease.

6 benefits of API integration for travel companies

Enhanced services

Boost the value of your platform with new and exciting services. Offer flights, hotels, car rentals, and experiences all in one place thanks to travel APIs. Start reaching new audiences today.

Real-time information

Get access to the latest availability, pricing, and schedule information with travel APIs. With up-to-date options and the latest deals, customers are more likely to book through your travel portal.

Higher revenue potential

Integrating travel APIs grants you access to vast inventories from multiple providers. By expanding your offering, you can enjoy exciting new revenue streams and opportunities for upselling.

Streamlined operations

Combine up-to-date inventories with an automated booking process to reduce manual work for your agents. Let your platform handle availability, booking, and confirmations so your team can focus on strategy, service, and marketing.

Competitive advantage

Offer exclusive deals and experiences to stand out among the rest. With integrated travel APIs, you become a one-stop shop for all travel needs, so customers won’t need to look elsewhere.


With our travel API integration services, you can expand your offerings as your business grows. Keep up with increasing demand and changing customer needs without major disruptions or high costs.

Seamless API integrations for your travel company

Here’s what we can do for you

Connect your booking engine to leading inventory providers

We can link your booking engine with top accommodation providers, GDSs, bed banks, cruises, platforms for car rentals, and more. Unlock vast inventories and offer new travel options to your customers today.

Aggregate prices and availabilities from multiple sources

We know how to aggregate the latest information from different sources. Gain access to global pricing and availability data with the help of our API integration experts.

Automate your travel bookings

Streamline workflows with API integrations. With effortless automation, you can minimize manual errors and speed up the entire booking process for your employees and customers.

Driving productivity with a custom travel agency CRM

We developed a custom CRM for the travel agency, significantly boosting its operations


more deals processed with no need for extra staff


fewer missing payments to tour operators

Implement industry-standard caching mechanisms

Our API integration experts help you cache in line with travel service providers’ caching rules. Need to display real-time availability but cache hotel data temporarily? We’ve got you covered.

Enhance your listings with rich static data

Make your listings stand out with TripAdvisor reviews, stunning images, and more. Our API integration services enhance your content with rich data.

Implement effective data mapping

Ever noticed the same flight or room listed differently across platforms? Our developers solve this through data mapping, making your listings consistent and accessible across all sales channels.

Seamlessly integrate APIs with your existing systems

We’re API specialists. We can connect travel APIs to your existing systems without disruptions or complications. Take your travel business to the next level in no time.

There’s no need to explain GDSs or travel APIs to us. We’re industry experts

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Which travel APIs can we integrate?

Hotel booking APIs

Get one-stop access to leading booking sites like Expedia and Booking.com, plus bed banks and wholesalers like Ratehawk, VRBO, and HomeToGo. Unlock even more options and exclusive GDS rates from travel giants Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport. We can select a powerhouse combo of hotel APIs to make it easier than ever for customers to book hotel rooms.

Flight booking APIs

Spread your customers' wings with seamless connectivity to global distribution systems like Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport. Serve up a world of flight search options from countless global and regional airlines — all at your travelers' fingertips within your integrated booking software.

Flight data APIs

Avoid turbulence and stay a step ahead with real-time flight data from FlightStats and FlightAware APIs. Provide flight updates, tracking info, and to-the-minute scheduling details to become a trusted co-pilot for your travelers.

Car rental APIs

With APIs from major car rental companies like Discover Cars and Priceline, you can offer unbeatable choice and value within your travel portal. Let customers compare rates in real time across the entire pricing spectrum — from no-frills rentals to luxurious vehicles.

Tour and activity APIs

Get access to immersive tours and once-in-a-lifetime local experiences thanks to APIs from Viator, Klook, and GetYourGuide. Attract customers looking to do more than just book flights and hotels, and upsell new and exciting travel experiences from your platform.

Public transport APIs

Integrate global public transport data to help travelers navigate busy cities. By providing routes, timetables, and ticket purchase options, your platform becomes a must-have for travelers on the go. You’ll also attract eco-conscious travelers and those on a budget.

Airport transfer APIs

Offer pre-booked airport transfers through APIs like HolidayTaxis and Blacklane. From shuttle buses to professional drivers delivering first-class comfort, transfers are a useful add-on for all vacation packages. Customers will appreciate smooth arrivals and departures.

Travel insurance APIs

Offer peace of mind with every booking with insurance APIs from Allianz Travel and Ancileo. Seamlessly integrate one-click coverage purchases into your booking engine. Travelers get hassle-free protection, while you get lucrative commission opportunities.

Payment gateways

Integrate secure payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, and iDeal — it’s what customers expect. And it’s not just about security — a flexible payment gateway application reduces cart abandonment and boosts conversions for your online travel business website.

Geolocation and map APIs

With APIs from Google Maps, Mapbox, and HERE Technologies, you can provide travelers with detailed maps, geolocation services, and points of interest. Help customers plan the perfect trip with user-friendly visualizations of hotel locations, attractions, and routes.

Weather APIs

Don't let forecasts rain on any parades — help customers pack and plan appropriately with weather updates from OpenWeatherMap and AccuWeather APIs. Put your travel portal miles ahead of competitors by offering information that others don’t.

Currency conversion APIs

Cost transparency is priceless. Integrate XE, Open Exchange Rates, and CurrencyLayer APIs for real-time currency conversion. Make pricing crystal clear for your international travelers and help them manage their budgets across currencies.

Review and rating APIs

Display user reviews from TripAdvisor and Google Places. With user-generated content on your travel portal, you can boost the credibility of your listings and enjoy higher conversions. Provide social proof to influence booking decisions.

Our travel industry clients

Online travel agencies (OTAs)

Online travel agencies are the go-to sellers of flights, hotels, and vacation packages. With our expert API integration services, you can level up your online travel agency with a new world of travel options, lightning-fast searches, and secure payment gateway integrations.

Travel management companies

Travel management companies navigate the intricate sphere of corporate travel with expertise and finesse. Integrated with a robust set of APIs, you can orchestrate business trips efficiently, ensuring cost-effective solutions tailored to each organization's unique needs.

Tour operators

Tour operators create unforgettable adventures, organizing multiple experiences into seamless journeys. Harnessing the power of hotel, car rental and flight APIs, you unlock a treasure trove of travel options, and can start curating tailor-made itineraries that will leave customers wanting more.

Our API integration process

Here at Zoftify, our travel API integration services comprise several important steps to ensure the best results for your travel business.

Defining your needs

We get to know your needs and current systems. Whether your goal is to boost hotel reservations, or create upselling opportunities with add-ons for insurance and car rentals, we work closely with our clients in the online travel industry to identify the right APIs.


We select a powerhouse combo of APIs to meet your requirements, focusing on reliability and scalability. Some SOAP and REST APIs require intricate access procedures — but don’t worry. Our experts help with verifications, making the process seamless.


We use top travel API integration techniques for implementing and caching. Error management, retries and timeouts are all covered. Preserving data integrity remains a priority, which is why we handle security steps like API keys and tokens.

Testing & monitoring

We conduct extensive testing to validate each API integration. We use tools to track API calls, analyze performance, and perform load testing. We quickly address any issues to maintain a smooth API integration process.

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We’re more than just a software company — we are a team of experts dedicated to perfecting API integration services. With our deep-rooted commitment to travel industry best practices and the latest innovative technologies, we provide a travel API integration solution that exceeds expectations.

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We pride ourselves on maintaining high development standards. We’ve worked with both global travel companies and local online travel agencies, guaranteeing the same exceptional quality and service in every project.

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Since we work exclusively with clients in the travel industry, we have pre-built solutions and modules that can help you save time and money. They are highly customizable and can serve as the foundation for your project.

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