UI/UX design


UI/UX design that drives bookings and increases conversions

Great design isn't just about looking pretty. It should increase conversions and drive revenue. Our travel UI/UX services can help your company thrive.

What is a travel UI/UX?

Travel UI/UX refers to the design of user interfaces and experiences specifically for travel apps, websites, and platforms. This involves creating easy and enjoyable ways for users to book flights, hotels, and tours.

For instance, when travelers use a travel mobile app, the colors, buttons, and layout are all part of the UI. How smoothly and quickly they can find their ideal vacation spot forms the UX.

Imagine your travel app or website providing a hassle-free experience, showcasing clear imagery, detailed information, and intuitive navigation. It should aim to give travelers all they need to confidently plan and book their next great adventure without confusion or stress.

With our expertise, you don’t have to just imagine — let’s build it together and turn your projects into an outstanding travel experience.

What Zoftify can do for your business

UI/UX design for travel apps

We create easy-to-use apps to engage your customers and enhance your online presence. Enjoy flawless navigation and stunning visuals.

Travel tools for all devices

Want to modernize your existing travel and hospitality tools? We craft web interfaces that are optimized for different devices and aligned to your brand.

UI/UX design for back office software

Every travel business needs efficient back office software. Our experts design clean and efficient PMS’, CRMs and other tools. With simplified navigation, we’ll make life easier for your team.

Style guide development

Keeping your brand consistent is vital. We create UI/UX guidelines to help you maintain a unified look and feel across all your platforms. Make every interaction, color, and element cohesive to build trust and strengthen your brand identity.

Streamlining the Dutch rental market with a mobile app

Zoftify designed a user-friendly app that simplifies long-term rentals in the Netherlands


Prototyping is a crucial part of UI/UX design. We bring your ideas to life with interactive prototypes that can be tested and validated with real users. Ensure your final product matches your vision and user needs.

Ready to partner with travel industry experts?

Our specialists are ready to share the best UI and UX practices in the industry. Book a call with Zoftify to elevate your digital offer.

How Zoftify can improve your digital products

Audit your systems

Our experts can analyze user interactions, the navigation and flow, and overall usability of your current systems. With actionable insights and strategic solutions, let’s improve your digital products together.

Reimagining the booking process for a luxury travel company

We designed and built an innovative booking system that simplifies the booking process and automates operational tasks.

500 hours

of development saved with our pre-built codebase


reduction in time spent processing bookings

Redesign your existing software

Frustrated with a clunky system? We’ll enhance its usability, streamline workflows, and boost overall functionality. From modernizing the design to improving the navigation, count on us to revitalize your digital products.

Got a digital product that isn’t performing well?

Start with a professional UX audit. Contact us now.

Getting started with UI/UX design

Here at Zoftify, when we focus on UI/UX design, we break things down into several important steps to ensure the best results.


We begin your UI/UX design journey with in-depth research. We look at your audience and their needs and current industry trends to work out how we can align your product. This forms the basis of our design strategy.


Next, our designers craft detailed wireframes. These clear and concise blueprints outline your product's structure and layout. Wireframes help us visualize your user interface.


Then, we transform these wireframes into interactive prototypes. Clickable and intuitive, they help you navigate your future product and get a feel for its functionality. We value your input and spend time making necessary adjustments.


After your feedback, our UI/UX designers get to work, breathing life into your project. Incorporating your colors, typography, and other essential brand elements, we create a stunning, user-friendly interface.

Preparing for development

Now your project is ready for development, with all design components well-documented and accessible. This transition from design to development ensures your vision is brought to life.

What our clients say

Chidi A.

Founder and CEO of Luxe Tribes & Readyhubb

I have to commend Zoftify team for their excellent work on our recent project. The team were instrumental in delivering our project on time and with the utmost professionalism. Their attention to detail was particularly impressive, and their communication throughout the project was excellent.

Mirko M.

CTO, OneAd GmbH

After Zoftify relaunched the web app, we noticed an increase in orders and a significant drop in customer complaints. They treated the web app as if it was their own, coming up with new ideas to improve it further. They also ensured effective communication via Jira and Slack.

Why UI/UX design is important


Improvement in website conversion rates thanks to good UI

Good hospitality app UI design can boost a website's conversion rate by up to 200%.


Increase in website conversion rates with good UX

Better UX design can increase conversion rates by up to 400%.


Occupancy rates for hotels with great UI/UX

With a well-designed booking system, experience occupancy rates of 95%, surpassing the US average of 60%.


Users think design impacts credibility

48% of visitors consider a website's design the most crucial factor in determining a brand's credibility.


Sales lost due to poor UX

Businesses may lose 35% of sales due to poor user experience.