Luxe Tribes

Reimagining the booking process for a luxury travel agency

About the Client

Luxe Tribes, founded by a famous travel blogger Chidi Ashley, is a luxury tour company offering global travel experiences. It provides both unforgettable group trips and private, personalized adventures.


Luxe Tribes, like many other travel companies, used a simple web form for trip requests. Agents spent excessive time manually processing these forms and this limited the company’s ability to handle higher booking volumes.

Additionally, the booking process was fragmented across platforms. Enquiries, payments, and communications were not joined up, often resulting in delays and customer frustration.

The goal of the project was to automate the entire booking process and integrate all systems. We focused on enhancing efficiency and creating a seamless booking experience for Luxe Tribes’ customers.


We began with a discovery phase, working with the Luxe Tribes team to identify issues with their existing booking system through workshops. We then developed a new, user-friendly system that simplifies trip booking, payment, and management for travelers.

Most of the system was built from scratch, but we leveraged a pre-built solution for the admin panel to save time and costs. The system comprises three key components: the booking flow, customer profile, and an admin panel designed for simplicity and efficiency, incorporating new features to enhance operations.

Utilizing modern technologies like Next.js and Tailwind, the new booking portal is faster, more responsive, and more secure, setting a strong foundation for Luxe Tribes' growth.


The new platform enables Luxe Tribes to provide seamless experiences to travelers every time, freeing up agents from repetitive manual tasks. Initial feedback from both travelers and the team exceeded expectations.

500 hours

development hours saved with our pre-built solution


reduction in time spent processing bookings

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Technical architecture

Booking flow

We developed a new booking flow designed to meet the needs of Luxe Tribes’ customers. This next-level platform enables users to book their trips with ease. Here are the key features and functionalities we introduced:

Advanced customization

The booking platform makes it easier than ever for travelers to personalize their trips. Even with group adventures, travelers can now select additional activities or opt for more premium accommodation. Taking the request process off email and onto the platform itself means agents can focus on finding new customization opportunities.

Multiple payment options

We enabled multiple payment options to give travelers unparalleled convenience. From credit cards to Apply Pay, and pay upfront to installment plans, travelers feel comfortable when booking and know that their details are kept safe and secure.

Instant booking confirmations

Instant booking confirmations provide peace of mind to customers after making their payments. With all the important details in one place, customers can prepare for their journeys and rest assured that Luxe Tribes will handle the rest.

Detailed transactional emails

Personalized emails provide easy access to essential information, helping travelers understand the status of their booking, get trip updates, or receive payment reminders. Centralizing travel information to the customer’s inbox simplifies travel planning and boosts confidence.

Customer portal

We also upgraded the customer portal to make managing bookings and payments easier for Luxe Tribes’ customers.

User profiles

User profiles combine key trip details and communications in one easy-access spot. With a simple setup and navigation, customers can stay on top of plans, feel part of their travel group, and enjoy a worry-free trip. They can also manage upcoming payments to better budget for their dream vacation.


One of Luxe Tribes’ key value propositions and marketing tools is its referral program, which we enhanced with a digital wallet feature. Travelers earn credits by inviting their friends to trips, and can now view their funds from their profile, ready to apply to their next trip.

Admin panel

We created a comprehensive admin panel aligned to the company’s proprietary processes and workflows. Now, the Luxe Tribes team can track all bookings and payments made by users, manually create bookings, and record payments with ease.


The new dashboard provides quick access to booking and payment details. With its slick, intuitive design, the Luxe Tribe team has full sight of customer and financial information, helping them make data-driven decisions.

Trip management

The admin panel makes creating trips quick and easy for admins. Automation helps to cut down the work needed to create great travel experiences, from small getaways to large group tours. And it’s never been easier to personalize and adapt trips to customers’ preferences.

Management of bookings and payments

Admins can now manage bookings and track payment statuses in one place. The Luxe Tribe team can stay on top of refunds, create templates for private trips, and set dates for group tours in one place.

User management

With our comprehensive user management system, admins can track users’ previous bookings and make data-driven marketing decisions.

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What the Client says

Chidi A.

Founder and CEO of Luxe Tribes & Readyhubb

I have to commend Zoftify team for their excellent work on our recent project. The team were instrumental in delivering our project on time and with the utmost professionalism. Their attention to detail was particularly impressive, and their communication throughout the project was excellent.