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Work with a team of industry experts that develops responsive, SEO-optimized websites for travel agencies, tour operators, and other travel companies.

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Develop a complete travel web app

You need a travel website development company that knows the ins and outs of the industry. Our web development experts build top-notch travel web apps specifically for clients in the travel and hospitality market, with travelers in mind.

Boost conversions from your existing site

With our extensive experience in the industry, we know exactly what works and what doesn't. Our web development team will conduct a comprehensive audit to help transform your existing site and boost conversions.

Turn your website into a bookings-generating machine

A good travel website needs a stunning interface to elevate users’ experience. Our UI/UX designers create interfaces that are comfortable, intuitive, and capture users’ attention.

Design a beautiful and intuitive interface

Connect your travel web app to your online booking engine or property management software today. Let Zoftify streamline your work, automate your processes, and save your team time, so you can exceed your travel business objectives.

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Integrate your travel web app with your booking engine or PMS

We use modern website development tools to help you stay ahead of the competition. Get your website ranking on Google so users visit your travel web pages first. With our search engine optimization expertise, we’ll boost the organic reach of your website.

Make your travel website SEO-friendly

We use modern website development tools to help you stay ahead of the competition. Get your website ranking on Google so users visit your travel web pages first. With our search engine optimization expertise, we’ll boost the organic reach of your website.

Want to build a fast and SEO-friendly website for your travel company?

Our web development experts use industry best practices to ensure the fastest load times. Contact us to learn more.

Optimize your travel website for all devices

Users can enjoy a seamless experience on mobile, desktop, and tablet thanks to the responsive design, optimized media, and cross-browser compatibility of our websites. Choose Zoftify as your web development company and your website will look and perform perfectly for every customer, every time.

A secure and reliable travel web development company

Security is our priority

All of our software conforms to essential security standards. Our travel web development company ensures secure payment gateways, encryption protocols, and regular security updates, keeping travel business and customer data safe.

Cross-browser testing

Tired of bugs? We leave them in the past. Our travel web development company carries out rigorous cross-browser testing to make sure every interaction is seamless, no matter how a user reaches your travel website.

Monitor the development process in real time

You’re in control of the web development process with full access to a task management board, documentation, and frequent demos of our custom solutions. We’ll also assign you a personal project manager to support you every step of the way.

Expand your travel company as we refine your app

Travel web development isn’t easy, but you don’t have to worry about that. Our travel website development company has an established workflow that ensures you have time to focus on your business objectives, while we handle all web design and web development processes.

Top 10 features to implement into a travel website

Advanced search

Let Zoftify build an advanced search tool for your travel website to provide precise search results for your customers. Help your audience find exactly what they need from your business in a timely manner. Boosting customer satisfaction is at the core of our travel website development services.

Booking and reservation module

Customers today want quick and easy ways to search, book, and manage their travel reservations. Our travel web development team can build an all-in-one, user-friendly booking module within your travel website, making life simpler for travelers.

Beautiful static content pages

Content is key in web development. We’ve got you covered with stunning, unparalleled content pages to help you showcase your offering. Promote attractions, destinations, maps, and more with eye-catching visuals and interactive elements.

Interactive maps

Integrate interactive maps into your travel website to show hotels, attractions, and routes. Our travel web development team is ready to help your travelers plan their trips with comfort and ease.

Loyalty programs

Grow a loyal customer base and elevate your brand with Zoftify. By integrating reward and loyalty programs into your travel website, you can offer perks to frequent travelers to increase your retention rates and repeat bookings.

Blog section

Add a blog section to your website to carve your space within the travel industry. Highlight travel tips and destination guides with shareable content to support your social media marketing strategy. Our web development team is all about boosting customer engagement with your services.

User profiles

Our team can make it easier for customers to manage their travel preferences, bookings, and payment information. Add a personal profile system during the travel website development process to give visitors control over their accounts.

Personalization algorithms

As web development experts, we help you level up your business with valuable user insight. We’ll show you how to collect and use data to provide personalized travel recommendations and offers, increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Real-time updates and notifications

With real-time updates on flight statuses, weather conditions, travel advisories, and more, customers will have a reason to keep coming back to your platform. Our web development team knows what users really want.

User reviews and ratings

Incorporate reviews and ratings into your travel website to build customers' trust with your travel business. Making it easy for customers to leave feedback on travel destinations, accommodation, and activities is one of our key development services.

7 reasons why now is the time to modernize your website

Improved user experience

Today’s travelers are used to travel agency websites acting as one-stop shops for all travel services, with friendly interfaces, fast load times, and intuitive navigations. Websites that provide great user experiences always come out on top.

Increased mobile compatibility

Smartphones are an incredibly popular way of web browsing, so a mobile-responsive design is a must. Users expect your website to function seamlessly across all devices and be accessible on the go.

Enhanced online booking capabilities

Modernizing your website’s booking flow can transform the overall booking process. By making it more straightforward and secure, you’ll enjoy increased revenue. Investing in professional travel website development services ensures that you not only attrac

Better search engine visibility

Implementing modern SEO-optimized content and architecture is crucial if you want your business to rank on search engines. Investing in travel website development services and proper optimization is essential for attracting organic traffic and potential c

Improved customer support

Today’s customers expect quick and easy access to support through travel websites. Implementing tools like live chat and AI chatbots is essential in the web development process if you want to enhance customers’ overall experience and satisfaction.

Stronger security measures

Our travel website development services bring your website's security into the modern day. We help you comply with legal requirements and protect sensitive customer data. Build trust and maintain a positive reputation with Zoftify.

Competitive edge

A modern, innovative travel portal can differentiate your business in a crowded market. With travel web development, you can get ahead of the competition, attract new customers, and establish your brand as a leader in the travel industry.

How we handle travel web development

We follow an established travel web development process to ensure consistently great results for our clients. Take a look at our workflow.


First, our web development company gets to know your company inside and out through discovery workshops. We also learn all about our clients’ requirements and business goals by defining product functionality, wireframing, testing, and validating. This helps us to develop a clear roadmap for web development.

Web design

At this stage of travel website development, our team of designers create all of the visuals for your travel portal. We ensure that it not only looks amazing, but also translates your vision and brand identity.

Web development

Our developers code your custom travel web app, working in iterations so that you can monitor the progress of the build. We follow an agile travel web development process and all of our app releases are automatically deployed to save time.

Deployment and maintenance

The final stage of the travel website development process involves launching your travel web app to the world. We collect feedback to help us make improvements and provide ongoing support to our clients. This includes post-launch tracking, updates, and enhancements to keep your app competitive and ensure customer satisfaction.

Your travel website requires an upgrade, and we know how to do it right

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Award-winning website developers

Travel market expertise

There are lots of web developers, but you need a web development company that gets the industry. As travel web development experts, we understand the challenges you face. We use this knowledge, plus the latest technologies, to get you ahead of the competition.

Seamless integration

Our goal is to help our clients find the right solutions to expand their horizons. Our web development services guarantee the seamless integration of your travel web app into your business from day one, so you can make the most of it with support and training.

Pre-built solutions

Since we specialize exclusively in the travel industry, we offer a range of pre-built solutions that significantly accelerate the development process.