From spreadsheets to success with a custom PMS

About the Client

This property management company oversees a diverse portfolio of more than 150 properties, including holiday homes, office spaces, apartments, and hotels. They are known for their expertise and versatility in professionally handling multiple property types across different locations.


Our client previously relied on Excel spreadsheets and emails for financial accounting and reporting. This inefficient, error-prone system caused significant stress and even financial losses. Realizing the need for improvement, our client chose us to build a custom property management system (or PMS) with advanced financial capabilities.

We embraced the challenge to develop a solution that boosts the client's control and oversight. Our goal was to replace the chaotic and unreliable document handling method with an effective and streamlined system.


We began by understanding our client's needs through workshops. Together we pinpointed the key issues with their current way of working and used this learning to craft a new and improved system structure.

We used this to build a brand-new, custom platform for our client to manage its investment properties. It’s now easier than ever for our client to oversee data on transactions, services, and payments. Now, tools for tracking payments, contract obligations, and fund movements support quick and easy profitability analyses.

Technical architecture

Efficient property management

We developed an advanced PMS for overseeing multiple property types, from hotels and apartments to office spaces and commercial areas. The system enables straightforward set-up and categorization of properties and connects rooms directly to their respective buildings for easy organization.

Intuitive interface for clear data insights

With a slick new interface shaped by our UX expertise, it’s easier than ever for our client to find and understand data. A user-friendly display simplifies complex property data into helpful insights, providing clarity to enhance decision-making and streamline operations.

Innovative CRM system

External companies can now work independently on the platform, each in their own secure space to protect sensitive data. With customizable controls, our client can enable specific user roles to manage different sections, properties, and owners with ease.

Streamlined brokerage operations

We introduced a brokerage management tool that simplifies the oversight of property purchases and sales. With automations, our client can now track transactions accurately, while also saving time and boosting the efficiency of brokerage activities.

Transparent financial oversight

A detailed financial dashboard provides immediate insights into accounts, transactions, and payments. Now, users can access specific financial data at the click of a button with easy-to-use filters. Transaction amounts and payment statuses are stored securely, enabling accurate financial tracking and escrow handling.

Flexible contract management

We developed rental contract templates for long-term, short-term, and guaranteed return leases, and service contract templates for vendor agreements. Greater standardization supports clearer financial transactions.

Robust user management

A user management component empowers our client to maintain a secure and organized operational environment. Admins can manage user profiles and permissions and even create custom roles and access levels.

Scalable upgrades

We’re now focusing on the next version of our client’s PMS. This upgrade will enhance the user experience even further, with advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities, greater automations, and new features like document uploading.

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