Property management software development

Property management software development services

Property management doesn’t have to be hard — automate manual tasks and start earning more with the help of our custom software development services.

What is property management software?

Property management software (or PMS) is designed to help hoteliers, property managers, and real estate owners meet their business needs by streamlining the work associated with overseeing properties. The best property management systems feature tools for handling customer details and managing bookings, reservations, and maintenance requests. This software can also provide valuable insights that empower property managers in decision-making.

Here at Zoftify, our commercial real estate software development process focuses on easing the administrative burden of managing rental properties by automating tasks and streamlining workflows. We make it simple for property owners to run a successful business across multiple locations and comply with regulations.

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Types of companies we build for


We are experts when it comes to building property management software for hotels, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction through streamlined booking and management systems. From small independent hotels to large chains — we've got you covered.

Vacation rentals

Our property management software development services help real estate owners and managers maximize occupancy and revenue and minimize manual effort. We build custom systems for managing short-term rental properties, with tools for reservations, pricing, and guest communication.

Property managers and landlords

We develop comprehensive property management software for efficient and accessible lease management. Whether you run a single real estate unit or a large portfolio, we transform property management with our custom tools. Property managers can handle maintenance requests and manage tenancies with ease.

Real-estate agencies

Our industry experts can connect your property management software to any multiple-listing service. With carefully designed leasing workflows and sales modules, our systems enhance client interactions, enable effective property management, and empower real estate agents.

Investment groups

We develop property management software systems for investment groups. We make it easy to oversee real estate portfolios, track performance, and optimize ROI. And with detailed analytics and reporting features, you can make data-driven decisions for business growth.

What Zoftify can do for your business

Create a tailored PMS

Our custom software development expertise allows us to craft property management software to meet your unique business needs. Combined with our industry knowledge, we create outstanding property management tools that exceed customer expectations.

Connect with channel managers and OTAs

Our real estate management software development services sync your property management tool with channel managers, OTAs, and other vital web platforms. Our seamless third-party integrations broaden your reach and streamline your operations.

Integrate with your website

We can integrate your custom software with your existing systems, including your website. This seamless integration will simplify online booking for your customers, help to maintain business data flow, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Integrate payment gateways

Accepting secure online payments has never been so easy. As a Stripe-certified partner, we guarantee a smooth and secure payment gateway setup to simplify the booking process. We can also connect your property management software to your point of sale systems.

Connect with customer apps

Link your property management software with customer-facing apps to enhance guest satisfaction. Allow guests to unlock their room, pause housekeeping, and make simple purchases all in one place, for a fuss-free stay at your property.

Enhance the user experience

When we develop property management software, we prioritize both aesthetics and functionality. Our UI/UX experts design intuitive and on-brand interfaces that simplify complex business processes, creating a comfortable experience for staff and customers.

Optimize operations with AI and machine learning

Here at Zoftify, we leverage the power of AI and machine learning to optimize your commercial property management software. With predictive analytics for maintenance scheduling, dynamic pricing capabilities, and enhanced personalization opportunities, you can rely on our cutting-edge real estate software development services.

Integrate multi-language and multi-currency support

We can enhance your custom property management app with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities to expand your reach in the global real estate market. Improve the user experience for international guests and streamline operations for your diverse team today.

Integrate IoT devices

Count on Zoftify to use the latest technologies during commercial real estate software development. Our experts can sync IoT devices with your property management software, from smart locks and energy management systems to voice-controls. With real-time data, you can enhance guest comfort and manage conditions in a timely manner.

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Modules we build


We build custom CRM modules as part of our management software development services. With guest profiles full of important customer information at your fingertips, you can enhance communications, strengthen customer relationships, and streamline service delivery.


Add a front desk module to automate and ease check-in and check-out. Our property management software development services extend to tools for reservation handling, payment processing, and guest services, freeing your employees for other tasks.


Connect your property management software solution to our housekeeping module to create an all-in-one, cutting-edge solution for staff. Centralize room information, schedules, and communication so housekeepers and maintenance teams have everything they need to keep your properties up to standard.


Add a reporting module to your PMS to pull rich insights from your booking engine, room inventory module, or revenue management system. Our custom property management software development experts give you the key to better pricing and marketing strategies.

Reservations management

Our software development team understands the booking process. That’s why we incorporate robust reservations tools into our property management solutions. Guests can make, modify and cancel bookings, while you manage availability in real time.

Inventory management

Get an advanced module for monitoring room availability, so your staff can make informed decisions and prevent overbooking. Helping you maximize occupancy rates and revenue is at the core of our property management software development services.

Mobile app for on-the-go management

Take control with a custom mobile app for all your property management needs. With the help of our property management software development experts, you can manage properties, bookings, and customer interactions on the go, with push notifications, mobile check-in/check-out capabilities, and real-time communication tools.

Billing and invoicing

Financial management is an integral part of real estate operations. With a billing and invoicing module, you can connect to other financial information systems, process transactions with ease, and allow customers to review and settle their accounts. It’s all part of our software development services.

Benefits of rental property management software

Automated financial reporting

Get insights into the profitability of your commercial properties with financial reports from your property management software. Our systems generate reports automatically, providing you with quick access to the information you need to make financial decisions with confidence.

Maintenance tracking and coordination

Simplify the process of scheduling, tracking, and managing maintenance tasks with workflows. Property managers and real estate owners can coordinate with service providers directly through our custom platforms, ensuring repairs are completed on time.

Personalized guest experience

Take guest management to the next level by combining your commercial property management software with a CRM system. With detailed customer profiles and guest insights, your real estate software system will help you to offer tailored services.

Seamless online booking

Integrate your property management system with your booking system and enjoy real-time synchronization. Together, the two real estate systems will give you real-time occupancy information, remove the hassle of manual data entry, and prevent overbooking.

Direct bookings and revenue generation

With an integrated online booking engine, your rental property management software becomes a user-friendly platform for viewing availability and making payments. With everything customers need in one place, you’ll encourage direct and repeat bookings.

Document management and storage

We build cloud-based systems for dispersed teams. Access lease information, maintenance records, and more from one secure and centralized location, without the need for paperwork. Your property management system gives you control over your properties on the go.

Efficient management of multiple properties

With a centralized dashboard, real estate managers can access property information anytime, anywhere. See property features, rates, occupancy status and more. Our custom property management software is designed to support your unique business needs and property types.

Enhanced security measures

We build advanced data security features into our property management software to help protect sensitive tenant and commercial property management data. Encryption, secure access controls, and regular backups prevent data breaches and unauthorized access.

Regulatory compliance assistance

Our property management software helps you to comply with local regulations and real estate legal requirements. With tools for managing legal documents and an easy overview of your properties, you can adhere to laws and standards.

Sustainable property management practices

Reduce your environmental footprint and promote sustainability with our custom property management software. Track energy consumption across properties, use insight to allocate resources, and boost efficiency with smart home technology integrations.

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