Little Foodie — helps parents analyze baby food allergens & reactions

Together with a medical pediatrician research group we've developed a mobile app for parents to track baby feeding process.

Little Foodie Work

React Native Development

MVP Development

Product Design

UI & UX Design

Backend Development


Health care


A 4-member pediatrician group had an idea of creating an easy-to-use tool - a mobile app that would be beneficial for parents of the newborn babies. The main purpose of the tool though is to analyse food allergens of a baby and create an optimized menu. In addition to that, the pediatricians decided to add curated baby food recipes with a premium subscription. The client also wanted the app to be fully functioning even without internet connection (in offline mode). All the analysis and calculations should be done directly on the mobile device.


For the initial stage we've developed a cross-platform solution with a help of React Native in order to improve the time-to-market and have both apps released at the same time.

Prior to development, our UI/UX team together with a client collaborated closely on the product design and interfaces. We've also involved a focus group of parents in order to receive very first feedbacks within the prototype phase.

The apps were built with an offline first approach. We've implemented a powerful local database solution combined with extensive caching in order to keep performance high even on the lower end devices. As for in-app purchases, our team has implemented a couple of tricks to make sure there is no place for fraud. We've also developed interactive graphs representing feeding data in a readable way.

Feature-rich baby food tracker app for Moms and Dads

One of the most important things in a child's growth process is feeding. Parents should find out any possible allergens of their infant by analysing food reactions in order to develop a healthy menu for their child. The Little Foodie app was developed with the purpose of solving this problem. Our team collaborated closely with a pedeatrician research group in order to deliver a feature-rich app for parents to control the feeding process from A to Z.

Feature-rich baby food tracker app for Moms and Dads

Core technologies

React Native

Mobile application framework


Programming language


Mobile database


State management


Unit testing


FCM, Analytics, Remote Config, A/B


Crash reporting tool

AWS (API Gateway, Lambda)



Serverless application builder


Cloud database


Analytics reports generation

App features

1. User-friendly baby food tracker

This is one of the core app screens where parents record their baby's meals. We've worked hard on this one in particular to implement all features and keep it intuitively simple.

Our team verified several variants with a help of Firebase A/B testing in order to pick one that showed better results accordingly to the goals set.

1. User-friendly baby food tracker

2. Feeding analytics

The app records all feeding details locally and then synchronizes with backend if defined conditions are met (e.g. a certain connection type).

The app analyses the data recorded which is used for building graphs, feeding suggestions, and more (e.g allergens analysis, favorite products selection). These actions could be performed even offline.

2. Feeding analytics

3. In-app purchases & subscriptions

As a part of MVP we've implemented and tested multiple in-app purchase options (non-consumable purchases, subscriptions).

With a help of A/B testing, we identified when exactly the paywall screen should pop up in order to get as many paid users as possible.

3. In-app purchases & subscriptions
Feeding reminders

As per client's requirements, our team has implemented a smart system of local and remote push notifications: feeding reminders, special in-app purchases sales, personal recommendations based on the feeding records submitted, and many others.

Baby profiles

Parents may create baby profiles with photos in order to get personalized recommendations based on the certain parameters (baby gender, age, allergens).

Step-by-step recipes

Editors (pediatricians) may add recipes per different categories via the admin panel. Both recipes and categories may be free or premium - available for purchase.

App analytics

Our team has integrated Firebase Analytics in order to get a clear picture on user engagement, run A/B campaigns and provide data from BigQuery to a custom BI dashboard.

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