Customer Identity Verification & KYC — verifies customer data in real-time

More and more companies are allowing users to verify their identities online. We developed a ‘know your customer‘ (KYC) mobile app for our client, so users can verify themselves through face & document recognition technologies.

Customer Identity Verification (KYC) Work

React Native Development

Product Design

UI & UX Design


Finance & Banking


‘Know your customer’ (KYC) is an important policy for financial institutions. Anti-money laundering (AML) solutions are becoming more complex which is, obviously, not very convenient for any law-abiding customer.

Our client wanted to simplify the verification process for their clients by introducing a separate mobile app to allow users to confirm their identity and register safely without leaving home or sending documents by post.

We needed to create a simple, fresh, clean-looking mobile app that is fully compatible with KYC & AML policies.


Our experts moved quickly to build a mobile app allowing users to take a selfie and upload their documents and other attachments in accordance with an approved identity verification workflow. We created a custom React Native library that connects to 3rd party native OCR plugins.

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