Customer Identity Verification & KYC — verifies customer data in real-time

More and more companies allow users to verify their identities online. For one of our clients, we have developed a KYC (know your customer) mobile app, where users could verify themselves with a help of face & document recognition technologies.

Customer Identity Verification (KYC) Work

React Native Development

Product Design

UI & UX Design


Finance & Banking


Know your customer (KYC) is one of the most important policies in financial institutions. Anti-money laundering (AML) solutions are getting more and more complex and tricky which is, obviously, not very convenient for law-abiding customers.

Our client had an idea to simplify this process for their clients by introducing a separate mobile app that would allow users to confirm their identity and register safely without leaving their homes or sending documents by post.

We've been asked to develop a simple, but yet fully compatible with KYC & AML policies mobile app, that would look fresh, clean, and easy to use for all user categories.


Zoftify has designed and built a mobile app allowing users to take a selfie, upload documents and other necessary attachments in accordance with an approved identity verification workflow. We've also created a custom React Native library that connects to 3rd party native OCR plugins. According to our client's expectations, we've been able to deliver the app for both platforms fast, thanks to React Native.

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