Krumod — a mobile & web app for browsing shopping deals nearby

Discounts and special prices are a great way for retailers to boost customer engagement, but lots of most of those businesses still use old-fashioned printed catalogs to showcase their deals. We built the Krumod app to bring discounts and deals into the digital world.

Krumod Work

iOS Development

Android Development

Web Development

Product Design

Backend Development


Retail & Consumer


The client wanted to build a mobile-first, online platform allowing users to access the latest promo offers for shops nearby. In addition to a mobile app, our challenge was to build a fully responsive website, admin panel, and a tool for retail partners.


As well as a brand new product design, our experts created powerful back end, cross-platform mobile and web apps with React Native which shared some of the same logic.

The challenging part was to implement a feature-rich catalog viewer that would work fast, even on older phones. We achieved that by using ready-made components in React Native and a custom component for the zoom effect.

We used the modern and powerful Next.js framework on top of the classic React.js to build the website. This allowed us to produce a lightning-fast, SEO-optimized website.

The back end was initially developed with pure AWS lambda functions, orchestrated by SAM. We rewrote that into the NestJS framework + Prisma for database management , so we could combine all project components into a single monorepo, launched by Docker Compose.

Core technologies

React Native

Mobile application framework


React.js SSR framework


Programming language


Mobile database


State management


Unit testing


FCM, Analytics, Remote Config, A/B


Ads, mediation


Crash reporting tool


Server, REST API

Cron jobs

Recurring tasks




Analytics reports generation

App features

1. Deals & offers nearby

The app displays deals nearest to the user. Users can sort deals by category and show their favorite stores only. Partner deals can also be promoted.

1. Deals & offers nearby

2. Advanced deals viewer

Cross-platform, easy-to-use catalog viewer with dynamic ads integrated.
Multiple versions were A/B tested for the best viewability/drop rate results.

2. Advanced deals viewer

3. Personalised notifications

Users receive personalized push notifications based on their activity, favorite stores, viewing history, and other parameters. Both local and remote notifications were implemented.

3. Personalised notifications
Advanced analytics

The app tracks a number of events to provide rich insight into user engagement and promotion effectiveness.


The app contains banner ads. The most effective ad placements were found by performing A/B testing.

Advanced caching & offline mode

The website is optimized for fast loading and the mobile apps are offline-friendly. Users can load deals once and browse them offline.

Admin dashboard

Managers have their own dashboard panel where they can add new deals, manage promo campaigns, send notifications and track statistics.

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