Drug Store — search & order medicines right in the mobile app

Our team has worked closely with one of the pharmacy chains in the UK in order to simplify the process of ordering medicines complying with all the regulations at the same time.

Drug Store Work

iOS Development

Android Development




Having a medicines delivery mobile app is a big step towards a bright future. Many people can order drugs right from their phones sitting in a safe place. However, creating this kind of app is a challenging task as pharmacies are a highly controlled industry. There might be medicines with prescriptions only, ones that should be delivered in a specific way (e.g. cool temperature). Zoftify had to build two mobile apps (Android & iOS) for delivering medicines for one of the pharmacy chains in the UK.


On our client’s order, we've developed fully native mobile apps for both Android & iOS platforms following the best industry standards. Thanks to the amazing cooperation with a client's team, we've managed to fulfill all the client's expectations.

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