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We build scalable, powerful cross-platform mobile apps with React Native as if each platform was developed individually.

Cross-platform solutions at its best

React Native is a modern framework for cross-platform mobile development. It's backed by Facebook and used by a number of top companies including Facebook, Tesla, Wix, Coinbase, and many others.
Unlike many other cross-platform frameworks, React Native transforms code into fully native applications, which makes the apps run faster and way more stable.

Cross-platform solutions at its best

Award Winning React Native App Developers

Our agency has a proven track record of delivering high-quality mobile applications built with React Native. Some of the applications we built were featured by App Store and Google Play.
Zoftify is a leading React Native mobile application development company that creates products following the best industry standards and practices. We are very dynamic and stay on the edge of modern technologies and approaches which helps us to deliver apps with great performance and amazing UI/UX.

Award Winning React Native App Developers

Mobile apps of any complexity

React Native has shown itself as a great framework for a number of cases. Be it a complex banking KYC solution with document & face recognitions or an offline-first baby food tracking app with in-app analysis and graphs, it does its job very well.
Since its first launch in 2015, React Native has grown into a fully professional mobile app development tool that could be used to fulfill any of the business requirements.

Mobile apps of any complexity

Unlock the power of React Native

Time to market

The development time is shorter, thanks to thousands of ready-to-use libraries available and the ability of React Native to build apps for both platforms at the same time.

Great performance

React Native has grown into a scalable well-performant framework. In most cases, there will be no difference between a fully native app or the one built with React native.

2 apps, 1 codebase

90-95% of the code is shared across iOS and Android, meaning we write a single React native app that is transformed into 2 production-ready native mobile applications.


JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and along with TypeScript it's used as the main language for React Native. It increases the flexibility in finding a proper developer.

Syncronized app updates

As React Native transforms code into 2 native apps at the same time, it allows keeping Android & iOS versions in sync, which is hardly achievable in the case of pure native development.

Used by IT Giants

Backed by Facebook, used by top companies. Tesla, Coinbase, WIX, Facebook - are the companies that not only use React Native but actively contribute to the community.

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