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Build a multi-purpose travel portal with a leading travel technology company to expand your offerings and generate more revenue

What is a travel portal?

Travel portals are online platforms that offer comprehensive suites of travel-related services and information. They act as one-stop shops for travelers looking to plan, book, and manage trips, providing access to a wide range of options for flights, hotels, car rentals, and travel packages. For businesses in the travel industry, creating a travel portal means simplifying the user journey and enhancing customer satisfaction. And with integrations with service providers, your business becomes the go-to for convenient travel planning.

We specialize in developing smart solutions that make life easier for customers, from the travel comparison stage through to booking. We prioritize user experience and create stunning, intuitive interfaces that simplify the entire process.

As a trusted travel portal development company, we know how to integrate your platform with travel service providers and implement secure payment gateways, travel CRM software, and customer support features. With our expertise in content, technology, and search engine optimization, you’ll get a travel portal that not only meets the needs of modern travelers but also stands out in today’s competitive travel market.

How can a custom travel portal solution benefit your business?

Maximum flexibility

Get a travel portal that directly supports your strategic goals and objectives. Say goodbye to the limitations of generic software and hello to tailored workflows. Custom portals evolve with your business growth, so you get a system that works hard for you now and into the future.

Zero license fees

With your very own custom travel portal solution, you’re in control. No ongoing license fees, no recurring payments, just full ownership of your software. By saving money in the long run, you can invest in other areas of your travel business.

Data ownership

Build trust with customers thanks to advanced data privacy controls. With a custom travel portal, you get complete control over the storage and use of your data, plus guaranteed compliance with data privacy standards.

Improved customer satisfaction

With a flexible, custom platform, you can make regular adjustments based on customer feedback. We’re on hand to enhance and adapt your software, so you can keep improving the experience for users. With greater satisfaction comes a more loyal customer base who will keep returning to your portal for all their travel needs.

Elevated brand presence

Our talented designers create stunning interfaces that align with your company’s identity. Your custom portal will fit seamlessly into your suite of tools and be another touchpoint for your brand. With a consistent look and feel across your platforms, your travel business will benefit from increased brand recognition.

Looking for an effective travel portal development firm? Say hello to Zoftify

Create a travel portal from start to finish

Let us build your portal while you focus on running your travel business. From the initial idea to launch, we provide a complete package in travel portal software development with API integrations, user-friendly interfaces, and robust booking engines.

Audit and optimize your current travel portal

Transform your existing travel portal with us. We'll audit your system, pinpoint weaknesses in user experience, functionality, and security, and optimize them. Our goal is to make your travel portal the best it can be.

Integrate with a range of inventories

Expand your travel portal's reach by connecting to inventories for hotels, flights, experiences and more. We’re experts in advanced travel API integration processes, helping you provide a more diverse and comprehensive service to your customers.

Learn about travel API integrations

Discover unique value propositions for your portal

We don't just build travel portals. Our travel experts help you set your portal apart and enhance your appeal to customers with exclusive deals, personalized travel suggestions, loyalty schemes and more. It's not just about having a portal, it's about offering value.

Integrate your portal with existing systems

You need a travel portal that works in synergy with your existing tools. We enable seamless integrations with booking platforms, CRMs, and other systems. This way, your portal isn't just a standalone platform but a well-integrated part of your travel business toolkit.

Improve conversion rates with UX audit and A/B testing

Boost conversions with our A/B testing process. We'll test different elements of your travel portal to see what works best, from layout to call-to-action buttons. With every detail optimized, your portal will drive impressive results.

Integrate a range of inventories for travel businesses


We specialize in creating custom travel portals that integrate seamlessly with OTAs, bed banks, and GDSs. Aggregated data from hotel booking APIs gives travelers and travel agents more choice than ever before. Customers will also get access to the most timely and correct information, plus user reviews and ratings to give them confidence during the hotel booking process.


With a powerful flight booking system, customers can browse flights based on budget, dates, and other preferences. Your custom airline reservation system can include filters for airlines, layovers, and flight times, offering an improved booking experience. And with quick payment gateway, purchasing tickets has never been easier. We also integrate real-time flight tracking and notifications, keeping travelers informed at all times.

Holiday packages

Let customers curate their perfect getaway. We can build a system that optimizes the entire process, from finding the perfect tour packages to adding extras like meal bundles. With a custom travel portal, travelers can mix and match flights, hotels, and activities, offering complete flexibility. We can also add options for special deals and discounts, encouraging more bookings while offering value to the user.


From apartments and villas to short-term rentals, we can build a travel portal solution that makes it easy to browse, select, and reserve a place to stay. Your solution will support detailed property descriptions, high-quality photos, and user-generated content to help potential guests make informed decisions. We can also add secure payment gateways, privacy controls, 360-degree tours, digital check-ins, and other advanced features.

Experiences and activities

Take plans to the next level with a portal for travel experiences. From city tours to diving adventures, make it all possible through your custom portal. With us as your chosen travel portal development company, you’ll get comprehensive search functionalities, interactive guides, maps, and much more. Travelers can also share and read reviews and ratings for each activity.

Car rentals

Need wheels? Let us take the stress out of road trip planning. With our expertise in travel portal development, we can create a user-friendly car booking engine with options for every budget, flexible rental periods, travel insurance add-ons, and integrations with your customer support services. We’ll make your custom car rental system as convenient as possible.


Your customers can set sail with an easy-to-use custom portal for cruises. We can build a robust online booking software from scratch featuring detailed itineraries, cabin selections, and onboard amenity information. We can enable effortless upgrades and add-ons such as excursions and dining options, so customers can enjoy a fully customizable cruise experience.


From airport pickups to city transfers, we can develop a travel booking software that removes the stress from commuting. With third-party API integrations you can offer a variety of transfer options, including private cars, shuttles, and luxury vehicles, ensuring comfort and convenience for every traveler. Real-time tracking and updates for drivers add an extra layer of reliability to your transfer services.

Park and sleep

With a custom travel portal, you can help travelers find convenient and affordable parking and accommodation on the go. Show detailed listings and information on amenities, security features, and proximity to key destinations. And with flexible booking options, customers can enjoy a smooth booking experience, even for last-minute plans.

Our travel industry clients

Travel portal development is a valuable investment for any travel business looking to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Online travel agencies (OTAs)

Travel agencies need an easy way to handle their enormous inventories. Build a travel portal today to simplify the flight booking, bus booking, and car booking process from search to checkout. With tailored workflows, travel agencies can also make life easier for busy travel agents.

Tour operators

Tour operators offer distinctive and comprehensive holiday packages and tour packages — but with so many deals out there, you need to grab customers’ attention fast. A travel portal can serve as your shop window, highlighting your unique tours, travel packages, and other tour operator services on the ground.

Travel wholesalers

With an extensive range of services in your inventory, you need a travel portal to help you manage your offerings and distribute them to a wider audience. Think of your travel portal like a megaphone for broadcasting what you can offer far and wide.

Travel startups

A travel portal can be a transformative tool for a startup. Carve your place in the industry by offering unique features, easy bookings, and top-notch customer service. It's the solution you need to stand out from the crowd.

Destination management companies

With their destination-specific services, DMCs find the perfect ally in travel portal solutions. Attract incoming tourists with a user-friendly platform.

Our travel portal development process

Here at Zoftify, developing travel portal solutions is our speciality. We follow a tried and tested approach to ensure excellent results.


Travel portal development begins with understanding what you and your customers need from your travel portal software. As your chosen travel portal development company, we get to know your business inside and out. We create a strategic plan to take us through the complete travel portal development process, from idea to launch.


Our talented design team gets to work, bringing your software's aesthetics to life — picture a blueprint in action. These precise prototypes give you a clear picture of what your travel portal software will look like and how it will operate.


Our skilled developers use the right travel portal software stack to develop the functionality you need. Building code upon code strengthens the foundations of your online travel software.

User acceptance testing

We ensure that your travel portal operates flawlessly and aligns with your specifications. We work closely with you to detect and solve any issues before we launch.

Deployment and maintenance

Your travel portal solution makes its debut in the digital landscape. But our commitment as an online travel portal development company doesn't stop there – we provide continuous support and maintenance. Regular updates ensure that your travel software continues to operate at peak performance.

No need to explain travel APIs or dynamic pricing to us. We get it.

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Why choose Zoftify?

Travel and hospitality industry expertise

We’re more than just a development company — we are a team of experts, offering specialized travel portal development services. With our deep-rooted commitment to industry best practices and the latest innovative technologies, we'll craft the best travel portal solution for your company.

High development standards

We pride ourselves on maintaining high development standards. We’ve worked with both global travel companies and small online travel agencies, guaranteeing the same exceptional quality and service in every project.

Pre-built solutions

As expert travel portal developers, we also offer pre-built modules that help you save time and money. These tools are ready to go and can be easily added to any travel solutions we develop. They are made just for the travel market, so we can add them in no time to enhance your travel portal.