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We help startups design their ideas & build MVP on a tight budget.

What is MVP?

New product ideas are invented every day. How would you know whether your idea would work? Is there a way to validate an app before spending too much effort, time, and money?
Yes, there is! And it's called MVP which stands for Minimum viable product. MVP is not a beta or a poor version of the application, but one having only essential features to be validated by the very first users.

What is MVP?

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Our agency has built dozens of MVPs over the past few years. Some of our clients have received multi-million dollar investments with an MVP version.
Zoftify is a leading mobile & web development company that creates products following the best industry standards and practices. We are very dynamic and stay on the edge of modern technologies and approaches which helps us to deliver apps with great performance and amazing UI/UX.

Award Winning Mobile & Web Developers

Does your product need an MVP?

Short answer: yes.
MVP is a great way to start off with building a product. It means to start small and grow big. How would this work? Together we define an absolutely necessary list of features to be released in the first version and shared with the very first users. This will allow us to understand what users like or dislike, what they would like to see in the product. It's pretty common that during the MVP phase founders decide to adjust their idea or even turn this completely.

Does your product need an MVP?

How MVP can help your idea?

Early idea validation

MVP approach helps to test ideas very fast without spending much time and money. We build only a limited set of features that are essential for the app.

Lower costs

You'd want to develop only necessary features, without spending too much time on specific business cases. This will save you a lot of money on building something that might not be needed.

Attractive to investors

MVPs are very attractive to the investors as they see the founders do care about the product and spend their time and money wisely.

Clear focus

MVP is when you build features that are absolutely needed, without over-engineering and making things more complex.

Finding your Users

You can easily promote your product among different target audiences, adjust functionality based on their feedback and find your true users.

Room to grow

MVP is just a first step on a way to something bigger. There is always something to improve, but it's better to start off with something essential and small.

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