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We create beautiful edge-cutting iOS apps following the best industry standards as well as the Human Interface Guidelines

iOS App Development is a Form of Art

Since its initial release, Apple's ecosystem has been improved significantly. iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch are getting better year by year which creates an unbelievable opportunity for creativity in mobile development.
Zoftify has shown itself as a leading iOS development agency with an ability to create truly astonishing apps for Apple devices.

iOS App Development is a Form of Art

Award Winning iOS App Developers

Our agency has a proven track record of delivering high-quality mobile applications built for iOS. Some of the applications we built were featured by the App Store team.
Zoftify is a leading iOS mobile application development company that creates products following the best industry standards and practices. We are very dynamic and stay on the edge of modern technologies and approaches which helps us to deliver apps with great performance and amazing UI/UX.

Award Winning iOS App Developers

Beautiful UI & Modern UX

Great UI/UX is an essential part of any digital product, especially for the iOS app. Users got used to the incredibly clean, easy-to-use yet feature-rich applications that App Store has.
We are passionate about delivering beautifully designed applications with a great user experience.

Beautiful UI & Modern UX

Our iOS Practices

Clean & readable code

We follow the best industry standards of development: commented code, SOLID, unit testing, and others. Our developers are professionals with a lot of experience in the field.

Pixel perfect development

We believe in great UI/UX as one of the keys to success. It's essential to have well-built interfaces that are both feature-rich easy to understand.

Swift & Swift UI

Our experienced developers use all the benefits of the Swift programming language and take it right to its limits.

Local processing

Zoftify has incredible experience working on offline-compatible applications, be it a food tracker or a video streaming app with a download feature, we make it work great even on lower-end devices.

Apple standards & Human interface guidelines

We monitor industry practices, analyze Apple standards and case studies to apply the best of those, and stay ahead of the game.

Advanced features

Push notifications, video streaming, deep linking, on-device ML are the things we've already worked with. We are hungry for new challenges.

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