Custom scheduling software

Organize your workflow with custom scheduling software

Let Zoftify develop bespoke scheduling software to help streamline your processes, boost revenue, grow your customer base, and reduce no-shows.

What Zoftify can do for you

Help you define requirements for your scheduling software

We know what makes a great scheduling tool, because our experts are up-to-date with industry best practices. We’ll design and implement the features your business really needs to thrive.

Design a stunning interface

Our designers and UI/UX specialists build unique solutions that go beyond any off-the-shelf software. Sleek, on-brand interfaces with stunning visuals — we've got it all covered.

More about our UI/UX design services

Build a reliable scheduling software engine

With a robust engine for your scheduling software, you can rest assured that the brain of your platform will perform when you need it most. Zoftify creates reliable, top-notch products.

Create a custom web platform

Our web platforms for scheduling empower you to connect with your online audience. Maximize your offering, boost your revenue, and expand your client base with ease.

Create an all-in-one mobile app

There’s never been a better time to build a mobile application for your business. Promote your brand, reach new audiences, and send automated reminders directly to your customers to reduce no-shows — all through your app!

Integrate payment methods and subscriptions

Our specialists can integrate Stripe, Apple Pay and Google Pay into your scheduling software. We can even add subscription functionality, giving your customers a quick and easy way to make recurring online payments.

Custom booking software for independent professionals

We built a cross-platform marketplace app with booking functionality and a custom-modified map.




businesses now listed on the platform

Design and implement cancellation policies

Cancellations don’t have to be stressful. Our team can design cancellation policies that work for your business, and implement them seamlessly into your scheduling software. Minimize the impact on your business today.

Build an admin panel to manage operations

With an intuitive dashboard at the forefront of your scheduling software, your team can manage users, bookings, and inventory efficiently and conveniently.

Design and implement custom workflows

Let Zoftify implement workflows into your software to make life easier for your team. Our workflows can handle both common and complex scenarios to help you manage no-shows, refunds, chargebacks and more.

Why custom scheduling software is important


Increase in revenue

Allowing users to book online after business hours can increase revenue by up to 45%.


Appointments booked after business hours

According to Zippia, around 40% of appointments are booked after business hours.


Increase in users

Enjoy 26% growth in your customer base with online scheduling, says Yocale.


Customers choose to reschedule online

Nowadays, half of customers reschedule or cancel their appointment online, according to RevenueWell.


Growth in repeat appointments

According to Yocale, re-booking reminders can increase the number of repeat appointments by 30%.

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What is appointment scheduling software?

Custom scheduling software is specialized software designed to streamline and automate scheduling processes specific to your industry. It allows businesses to create, manage, and optimize schedules for various operations, from flights and tours to health appointments.