Custom mobile app for travel agencies & tour operators

Custom mobile app for travel agencies & tour operators

Custom mobile app for travel agencies & tour operators

Ready to build a mobile app for your travel agency?

Look no further — Zoftify’s expert app developers deliver customized and scalable solutions to help companies thrive in the competitive travel market.

Here’s why your travel company needs a mobile app

Mobile apps for travel agencies and OTAs are excellent tools with unique benefits that can give you the edge over your competition. Apps are vastly different from websites and other web solutions, and having those alone might not be enough to thrive in today’s travel market.

Here’s what makes apps so great.

An easy-to-use app allows customers to access your services anytime and anywhere, providing them with convenience and flexibility no other digital solution can match. Let customers book trips on the go and pay from anywhere, on a device that feels comfortable and familiar.
Travel mobile apps are extremely intuitive and can notify users of any information to make searching, booking, and managing their trips easier — which in return significantly increases user engagement. Add some extra features like geolocation and profile level-ups and users will rely on your app at all times.
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering users the options and offers they want to see. Travel company mobile apps utilize user data to create personalized experiences for each individual.
It's not just customers who will benefit from travel agency mobile app data. You can use it to improve your services and marketing strategies. Apps learn your customers' preferences and behaviors in a way no other digital solution can.
A mobile app gives your brand a constant presence on a user's smartphone. Combine that with regular updates and push notifications and people will remember your name. Getting customers familiar with your business will strengthen your brand image and customer loyalty.
Reduce your workload and improve your operational efficiency with automated bookings, payments, and customer service features. Take e-check-ins — with digital tickets, e-vouchers, and electronic confirmations you can cut down on manual steps and reduce your reliance on paperwork.
A customized travel app for your travel agency will encourage more bookings, attract new users, and allow you to upsell additional services, thereby boosting your profits.
Develop an app to give your company a competitive edge over those who only provide web-based services. Even the best websites don’t compare to a good mobile travel app — they provide unrivaled benefits and access to new audiences. Having an app will help you hold onto customers in the early stages of booking too.
Providing customers with support when they need it is essential for increasing customer satisfaction. Make the most of features like in-app chat and helpful search filters. Mobile apps for touring travel companies are especially important, as customers expect access to support anywhere, anytime.

Still not convinced?

Tourism mobile apps are crucial in today’s travel market, and there are plenty of stats to prove it


Most online traffic in the travel market comes from mobiles. In 2021, mobiles were responsible for around 60% of all online traffic in the travel segment.


Industry giants rely heavily on their apps — and for good reason. More than half of bookings on Booking.com are made via mobile devices, and around 80% of travelers use the app when researching a trip. Same goes for Airbnb — 58.6% of their overall bookings are made through the app.


66% of travelers never stop using or delete a travel app once they’ve downloaded it.


70% of US travelers prefer using their smartphone over their computer to manage travel plans, so they can receive booking updates.

We can build your perfect travel app

Our expert developers will create your custom app with features your customers will love.


Search is one of the core features of any travel application — it enables users to browse their options when it comes to flights, hotels, car rentals, and experiences. With the help of filters and personalized recommendations, an advanced search will help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for in seconds.


Custom itinerary builder

Allow your customers to build itineraries and curate their dream trips. Give them the ability to pick and choose destinations, trip duration, experiences and hotels, and combine that with a user-friendly interface and recommendation system to give them the control they want.

Custom itinerary builder

Booking module

Speed up transactions and make customers’ lives easier by letting them book their trips straight from your app. Booking modules are a standard in today’s app market — so don’t give your customers reason to go elsewhere for a more convenient process.

Booking module

Payment options

A secure, reliable, and simple payment feature is a necessity for any modern app. Give your customers the freedom to pay directly from your app with their preferred method, from Apple Pay, to Google Pay, to Visa/Mastercard…

Payment options

User profiles

User profiles make interacting with an app even more convenient and allow you to offer personal discounts and loyalty programs. Customers can set up and manage their personal profiles within the app, save their preferences, view their purchase history, and store their payment details for later.

User profiles


If you’re building an app, why not create a referral program and make the most of your app’s marketing capabilities? Incentivize existing customers to invite new users to your app in exchange for a reward and watch your audience expand.



Never underestimate the importance of notifications for both you and your customers. Not only do they remind travelers of your app and its usefulness, they keep users up to date with the latest deals, booking information, changes to flight status, and so on. We know how to build notifications with impact.


Contact information

Giving customers an easy way to contact you is especially important for the travel industry. Create a simple contact module so customers can find your contact details and get in touch through your app, wherever they are in the world. This will go a long way in improving customer satisfaction.

Contact information

Chat support

Go one step further and add a chat function to your app. Give users immediate access to your customer support team, who can answer questions and provide information in-app. No more calls or emails (your team and your customers will thank you for it!). Customers can simply  type their question and the conversation will begin.

Chat support

Special offers

Create a separate space within your app to showcase all of your special offers and hot deals. This will make it easier for customers to find and pick ones they like, and you can use it as an extra marketing tool to highlight exclusive discounts, promotions, and limited-time offers.

Special offers

Travel technologies

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Ready to talk costs and timeframes for your custom app?

Why choose Zoftify?

We’ve been developing mobile applications for travel agencies for years, so we understand all the challenges and opportunities that come with running a travel business. Using that experience, we create top-notch mobile tourism apps that not only leave customers satisfied and likely to return, but can expand your customer base and help you reach new audiences.

We’re experts in developing mobile apps for travel agencies of all sizes, across all niches.
We conduct thorough research and get to know you and your team, so our solutions integrate seamlessly into your business. This ensures both you and your customers are happy with the end result. Let’s get started!

Why choose Zoftify?
Mirko M.

Mirko M.

CTO, OneAd GmbH

After Zoftify relaunched the web app, we noticed an increase in orders and a significant drop in customer complaints. They treated the web app as if it was their own, coming up with new ideas to improve it further. They also ensured effective communication via Jira and Slack.


Mobile travel app development is essential in helping you provide the best possible service to your customers and increase their loyalty to your brand. By providing a convenient and personalized experience that no other platform can currently offer, you’ll also reach new audiences. But it’s not just customers who will benefit. An app will give your online travel company unique customer data to make better business decisions.
Here at Zoftify, we focus on custom travel mobile apps, so we’ll work with you to build whatever is most beneficial for your customers and your business. Of course, the most important features are always included, such as a booking module, itinerary planner, search tool, customer support option, and secure payment gateway.
Yes! It is safe to share your ideas with us. Before we start working on any branded mobile application for a travel agency, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
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