Custom CRM for travel agencies and tour operators

Streamline your work and boost sales with a custom travel CRM

Let Zoftify automate your daily tasks, increase conversions, and resolve your management issues with a top-notch CRM system

What Zoftify can help with

Build a CRM system for your travel agency from scratch

We can build a custom CRM system tailored specifically to your business. Say goodbye to clunky workarounds and the inconvenience and limitations of interim solutions — create the exact tool your company needs.

Our Product discovery services

Assess and optimize your current CRM

Our team of expert developers and UI/UX specialists can assess the performance and usability of your existing CRM. We’ll uncover potential issues and work with you to fix them.

Driving productivity with a custom travel agency CRM

We developed a custom CRM for the travel agency, significantly boosting its operations


more deals processed with no need for extra staff


fewer missing payments to tour operators

Integrate your CRM with your booking engine

Zoftify can integrate your CRM with your booking engine to help you capture booking information and customer preferences in one place. With a single yet comprehensive customer view, you can improve your customer service and streamline your operations.

Looking for an agency that knows the travel industry?

Here at Zoftify, we specialize in delivering top-tier solutions for travel companies. We know the nuances of this fast-moving industry, meaning we can get straight to work on creating the right tools to help your company thrive.

Design workflows that support your business processes

It’s important that your CRM fits seamlessly into your business from day one. Our team will study your specific requirements, objectives, and existing triggers to create workflows within your CRM that align with your unique business processes.

Automate repetitive tasks

Save your team time and enable them to focus on growing your business instead of manual tasks. Using your CRM, we can automate the mundane jobs like sending emails and payment reminders.

Reimagining the booking process for a luxury travel agency

We designed and built an innovative booking system that simplifies the booking process and automates operational tasks.

Build analytical dashboards

Let us enhance your CRM with advanced data capabilities. With easy-to-read analytic reports, you can stay in touch with what’s really happening and make timely, data-driven decisions.

Integrate your CRM with other marketing channels

Our team can integrate your CRM with various marketing channels, including email tools like Mailchimp and invoicing software. Your team will enjoy working in a perfectly centralized and easy-to-use system.

Design and implement a loyalty program for your customers

Boost customer engagement with a loyalty program tailored to your requirements. We create points-based reward systems, tiered membership levels, exclusive offers, referral incentives, and more.

Connect your CRM to accounting and payment modules

Integrate your CRM with accounting systems and payment modules like Stripe to streamline financial processes. Maintain accurate records, automate payment processes, enhance efficiency and reduce manual data entry with our help.

What makes CRMs so crucial?


Potential increase in lead conversion rates

According to Zoho, CRM software can increase lead conversion rates by an impressive 300%.


Boost in sales

According to Finances Online, the right CRM software can increase sales by as much as 29%.


Average ROI for a CRM

The average ROI for a CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent, according to Nucleus Research.


Boost in productivity

A good travel agency CRM system can boost employee productivity by 34%, says Finances Online.

Why choose Zoftify?


Travel and hospitality specialized


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Custom solutions

What our clients say

Chidi A.

Founder and CEO of Luxe Tribes & Readyhubb

I have to commend Zoftify team for their excellent work on our recent project. The team were instrumental in delivering our project on time and with the utmost professionalism. Their attention to detail was particularly impressive, and their communication throughout the project was excellent.

Mirko M.

CTO, OneAd GmbH

After Zoftify relaunched the web app, we noticed an increase in orders and a significant drop in customer complaints. They treated the web app as if it was their own, coming up with new ideas to improve it further. They also ensured effective communication via Jira and Slack.


What is a CRM?

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a tool that helps travel agencies with their customer interactions. It can store customer data, track communications, and manage sales and service workflows.

In essence, a travel agency CRM acts as a central hub for customer data management and helps agencies deliver a more effective service.