Custom CRM systems

Custom travel CRM solutions for agencies, agents & tour operators

Custom travel CRM solutions for agencies, agents & tour operators

Thinking about building a custom CRM for your travel business? Zoftify can help you with that.

We understand the intricacies of the travel industry and how a bespoke CRM system can revolutionize the way you operate.

From enhancing customer experiences to turbo-charging your marketing efforts, let's take a closer look at what a custom CRM can do for your travel business.


Why your travel business needs a custom CRM

A custom travel CRM can transform the way you work. Here are some major benefits your business will enjoy.

With a custom CRM, you can store all of your customer data, communications, bookings, documents, and more in one place. No more sifting through emails and spreadsheets to find what you need. Consolidating customer information will save you time, improve your productivity, and ease collaboration among your team.
We build CRM systems that fit seamlessly into your workflows. Use your custom CRM to set goals, check results, and get feedback to help your team work better and faster. Set triggers for your CRM to carry out tasks automatically and allow it to gather data for you, reducing manual effort.
It’s in the name. CRMs for travel companies make it easy to provide excellent customer relations. With a 360-degree view of each customer and transaction at your fingertips, you’ll be able to have meaningful interactions with customers with all context you need. You’ll be able to provide a more personalized customer service and make tailored recommendations. Customers will appreciate how well you know them and thank you with their loyalty.
Leverage the reporting and analytics capabilities of a CRM to gain valuable insights into your business and customers. See how your marketing campaigns are performing, which destinations are most popular, which partnerships are most profitable, and more — or run a report covering the entire sales pipeline for a given time period. The more you understand your data, the smarter decisions you can make.
Create targeted email campaigns, newsletters, and promotions based on customer profiles. Then use your CRM to its full potential and get it to send the right message to the right customers at the right time.
While a custom travel agency CRM development solution is an investment, the long-term benefits far outweigh any initial costs. You’ll save money by automating tasks, making data-driven decisions, and streamlining your workflows. And you’ll boost sales by transforming your customer service offering and maximizing your capability to process new customers.

Still on the fence?

CRM solutions hold the key to success in today's world of travel, and there are plenty of stats to back that up


CRM systems increase lead conversion rates by an impressive 300%


CRM software is reported to drive sales by as much as 29%


Productivity can see a boost of up to 34% with a good CRM system


The average ROI for a CRM is a whopping $8.71 for every dollar spent


Custom CRMs have been reported to boost customer satisfaction by as much as 74%

Our custom CRMs transform businesses

At the core of any good custom travel agency CRM should be the tools to help you manage your business and build better customer relationships.

These are just some of the features Zoftify’s experts can build:

Marketing automation

Streamline your email marketing, social media, campaigns. Create email sequences to automatically nurture new leads or engage with existing customers straight from your CRM. We can also integrate your CRM with your social platforms, so you can schedule posts and see analytics in one dashboard.

Marketing automation

Booking automation

We can even automate your booking process. We can build advanced search tools to automatically find the best deals from various suppliers. We can also set up automatic itineraries and invoices for your customers. And you can forget about sending confirmation emails, reminders and notifications  — your CRM will take care of that.

Booking automation

Reporting and analytics

Get reporting and analytics capabilities like never before. Check booking volumes, sales revenue, and agent performance in just a few clicks. Track campaign results to optimize your marketing strategies.

Reporting and analytics

Easy-to-use interface

Any CRM for travel agents should come with an interface that is intuitive and accessible. After all, they’ll be using it every day. Here at Zoftify, we design simple yet stunning platforms and provide thorough training so you and your team can start benefiting from your new CRM right away.

Easy-to-use interface

Third-party integrations

Custom travel CRMs can be integrated with tools you already use, like Gmail, QuickBooks, WordPress, and more. These integrations automatically sync data between platforms, and allow you to manage all your tools in one central place.

Third-party integrations

Accounting and commission

Our advanced travel agent CRM development solutions can also include accounting and commission modules. These features allow you to keep an eye on your expenses, create and send invoices, manage billings, and calculate and track commissions and payments.

Accounting and commission

Customization with the tools you need

Generic CRMs that come with standard modules often don’t cater to the needs of travel businesses. Opting for a customized solution from Zoftify will give you the freedom to customize almost every element of your system — from the modules to the fields and attributes. A custom CRM system for travel agencies can also be set up with specific rules, logic, and automation. For instance, a rule to notify agents three days before a departure date, or a trigger to email only those customers who prefer luxury travel.

Customization with the tools you need


As your business grows, your CRM should grow with you. We can add new features and integrations over time to meet your evolving needs. Whether we’re building a CRM for the travel industry giants, or a start-up with plans to expand, we’ll design your system to scale to support your new endeavors.


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Thinking about custom travel agency CRM development? We’d love to talk about your idea.

Reach out to us today.

Thinking about custom travel agency CRM development? We’d love to talk about your idea.

Why choose Zoftify?

We’ve been developing custom travel CRM solutions for years, so we understand all the challenges and opportunities that come with running a travel business.
Using that experience, we create top-notch CRMs that not only improve your customer service offering but transform the way you work.

We work with businesses of all sizes, across all travel niches, from initial CRM consulting through to custom building and deployment.

We conduct thorough research and get to know you and your team, so our solutions integrate seamlessly into your business. This ensures you are happy with the end result.

Why choose Zoftify?
Chidi A.

Chidi A.

Founder and CEO of Luxe Tribes & Readyhubb

I have to commend Zoftify team for their excellent work on our recent project. The team were instrumental in delivering our project on time and with the utmost professionalism.

Throughout the project, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs. The team was able to deliver high-quality work, and they were always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. Their attention to detail was particularly impressive, and their communication throughout the project was excellent.


CRM stands for customer relationship management, and it is a software system that helps travel agencies manage their interactions with customers. It can store customer data, track communications, and manage sales and service workflows. In essence, a travel agency CRM acts as a central hub for customer data and helps agencies deliver a more effective service.
CRMs provide a comprehensive overview of each customer, making it easier for travel agencies to offer exceptional customer service based on customers’ preferences, needs, and feedback. Good custom CRM solutions can also streamline workflows and improve the way travel agents work.
Instead of opting for a generic (and often restrictive) off-the-shelf CRM, consider a custom travel CRM that is developed specifically for your business. With custom CRMs, you can add and integrate features to improve your performance, generate deeper insights, maximize lead conversion, propel your marketing, and boost your sales.
Here at Zoftify, we believe a good CRM should enable marketing automation, booking automation, advanced reporting and analytics, and scalability. The system should have an intuitive interface, so your team finds it easy to use. It could also include capabilities to manage accounting and commission. However, the beauty of Zoftify’s CRM applications is that our developers can adapt them to support your business needs now and into the future.
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