Booking and reservation system

Get a custom booking and reservation system for your travel agency

Whether you need a custom booking system or want to upgrade your current one, trust Zoftify to take your travel business to new heights.

What Zoftify can do for you

Build a tailored booking system to boost sales

We build top-notch booking and reservation systems with the tools your employees need. Manage availability, optimize your pricing strategy, and take secure payments to maximize your revenue.

Audit and optimize your current booking engine

Upgrade your current system to stay competitive and adapt to demand. Our experts will pinpoint performance bottlenecks and analyze user experience gaps. With valuable insights, we can optimize your system together.

Help you select the right inventory providers

Navigate the complex world of inventories with ease. We’ll help you select the right OTAs, bed banks and accommodation providers for your business. We’ll connect multiple GDS’ to help expand your reach and boost bookings.

Connect to affiliate programs

We can connect you to top affiliate programs from Expedia, Booking.com and more. By tapping into these networks, you can offer more options to your customers and earn from each booking they make.

Integrate with travel and hospitality APIs

Zoftify simplifies your system by connecting it with travel and hospitality APIs. Instantly access real-time data on flights, hotels, and activities, providing customers with accurate information from travel providers.

Build a website or app and connect it to a booking engine

Let us transform your online presence with a stunning website or mobile app. Connect it to your booking system to provide your customers with a user-friendly, all-in-one platform. Our custom solutions are tailored to your requirements.

Develop an extranet for your suppliers and partners

With a secure and reliable extranet, your partners can manage their information independently, from prices to availability. Stay in control of your business with the booking software you really need.

Custom booking software for independent professionals

We built a cross-platform marketplace app with booking functionality and a custom-modified map.




businesses now listed on the platform

Integrate your booking system with back office software

Streamline your workflows by integrating your booking system with other essential software. Sync booking data with your CRM, PMS or marketing tool to improve efficiency and enhance customer relationships.

Add a payment gateway

In today’s digital world, online payments are a must. Simplify transactions with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe. Make life easier for customers with quick and secure payments.

We know everything about booking engines

With our expertise, you won't need to explain industry jargon – we know your business as well as you do. Choose a partner who understands the industry inside out to craft your ideal booking solution.

Why booking software is important


Users prefer to book their entire trip on one site

Nearly half of travelers prefer booking their entire trip through a single website. That includes their flights, hotels, and car rentals.


Travelers prefer booking trips on mobile

Mobile bookings are on the rise, with 57% of users preferring to book their trips using a mobile device.


Customers prefer companies with an online booking platform

A staggering 69% of customers are more likely to book with a travel agency that has an online booking system.


Users will book via an OTA if prices are identical

When hotel website and OTA prices match, 70% of customers prefer booking via an online travel agency.


Nearly all travel bookings are online bookings

Online travel bookings today account for approximately 76% of all travel bookings worldwide.

Reimagining the booking process for a luxury travel company

We designed and built an innovative booking system that simplifies the booking process and automates operational tasks.

500 hours

of development saved with our pre-built codebase


reduction in time spent processing bookings


Which businesses need online booking software for their operations?

Travel websites, travel agencies, destination management companies, and other online travel businesses like tour operators and car rentals can benefit from implementing online booking software. It simplifies the management of bookings, accommodations, tours, transportation, and other travel-related services online. It also streamlines operations by managing availability, optimizing pricing, and providing real-time updates on inventory, making the reservation process seamless for customers and efficient for travel businesses.