Booking & reservation systems

Booking & reservation system solutions for travel agencies & tour operators

Booking & reservation system solutions for travel agencies & tour operators

In today’s travel market, booking and reservation platforms are a necessity. With the big names in the industry relying on them, booking and reservation systems are now expected by customers.

They benefit businesses too — they help you streamline your booking processes, reduce manual work, and boost your revenue, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

As a team of professional developers with expertise in travel booking systems, we know how important well-designed reservation software is.

Let Zoftify develop your perfect booking solution.


Why your business needs an online booking & reservation system

Here’s what makes digital booking systems so great.

With a good platform, you can say goodbye to using lots of different tools and software. When we develop any travel agency online booking system, we integrate all your booking and reservation procedures so you can do everything you need in one place — from customizing tours to accepting payments.
We build specialist tour booking software that will help you create and sell tours online. You’ll be able to view costs, availability, and capacity for each tour, offer discounts to boost sales, and connect your platform to popular services like TripAdvisor and Expedia to reach new audiences.
As seasoned travel booking solutions developers, we design our systems to integrate seamlessly with your workflows, and give you access to real-time data and analytics on your bookings, revenue, and customer behavior. Automating tasks like sending emails will also save you time and resources.
Travel reservation systems not only improve the way you work — they can improve customer satisfaction too. Make life easier for your customers by allowing them to book tours anytime, anywhere, and with their preferred payment method. You can also use your system to communicate with your customers and collect their feedback, so you can improve your services.
Improve your offering to customers and watch your customer satisfaction score go up. With a travel booking solution, customers can book, manage or cancel their trips in just a few clicks. Giving them easy access to their booking details, receipts, and vouchers will also make for a seamless and convenient experience. Customers will thank you for it.
At the core of all tour operator reservation systems and travel agency booking systems is more choice and flexibility for customers. Their satisfaction and loyalty is directly linked to your profits, so developing a system that’s intuitive and easy to use it’s a no-brainer. Smart use of recommendations and personalization will also allow you to upsell additional services.

Still not convinced?

Still not sure whether you need a booking and reservation system? The stats speak for themselves*.


68% of sales revenue in the global travel and tourism market comes from online. A convenient digital booking system will help you capitalize on this trend.


Customers feel that travel booking is among the 5 easiest buying experiences, behind booking a restaurant and buying clothes online. This goes to show that customers expect travel companies nowadays to provide easy booking systems.


45% of travelers prefer booking all aspects of a trip — flights, hotels and more — from a single website. A multi-purpose booking system is the perfect solution.


41% of travelers prefer booking via online travel agencies (OTAs) over in-person travel agents or operators. Everyone has their preference, and digital booking software gives your audience an attractive option to choose.


The average browser abandonment rate for OTAs is at approximately 81%, which indicates how frequently travelers use travel booking websites to find and compare options. An intuitive and convenient booking system might be the reason customers will prefer your services over your competition.

We develop the tools OTAs & tour operators need

Our expert developers will create your custom booking system with features your customers will love.

Booking interface

We create user-friendly, on-brand interfaces that customers will enjoy interacting with. Our solutions support both web and mobile platforms, so your customers can access your services whichever way they prefer.

Booking interface

Inventory management

Make managing your inventory easier than ever before. Easily add, update, or remove inventory items, and track the availability of each item in real-time. This will make life easier for travel agents who work with multiple suppliers.

Inventory management


This feature provides you and your customers with a centralized overview of all bookings. Customers can manage their own bookings, ensuring transparency and convenience for both parties.


Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing allows you to adjust your prices based on demand, seasonality, promotions, and availability. Set different pricing rules to apply within your system, and even target discounts and offers towards specific customer segments in just a few clicks.

Dynamic pricing

Payment gateway

Allow your customers to pay securely and easily with their preferred payment method. Integrate your app with popular payment gateways, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Stripe.

Payment gateway

Reporting and analytics

We design our systems to give you advanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Make better business decisions with access to pre-built and customizable reports. You can also track metrics like bookings, revenue and cancellations over time, to identify trends.

Reporting and analytics

Integration with third-party systems

We can integrate your solution with third-party systems, including global distribution systems (GDS) and other OTAs. Leverage their functionalities today — for example, access airline inventories to ensure your bookings are accurately reflected.

Integration with third-party systems

CRM integration

Integrate your system with a CRM to access customer data in one place. Transform the way you manage customer relationships.

CRM integration

Automated invoicing

Automatically generate and send invoices to customers to save time and manual effort. You’ll also reduce the risk of human error and ensure your processes are followed on time, every time.

Automated invoicing

Travel technologies

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Ready to talk costs and timeframes for your booking system?

Why choose Zoftify?

We’ve been developing travel booking systems for years, so we understand all the challenges and opportunities that come with running a travel business.

Using that experience, we create top-notch digital systems that not only leave customers satisfied and likely to return, but can streamline your operations and boost your revenue.

We’re experts in developing digital solutions for travel businesses of all sizes, across all niches. We conduct thorough research and get to know you and your team, so our solutions integrate seamlessly into your business. This ensures both you and your customers are happy with the end result.

Why choose Zoftify?
Chidi A.

Chidi A.

Founder and CEO of Luxe Tribes & Readyhubb

I have to commend Zoftify team for their excellent work on our recent project. The team were instrumental in delivering our project on time and with the utmost professionalism.

Throughout the project, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs. The team was able to deliver high-quality work, and they were always willing to go the extra mile to ensure our satisfaction. Their attention to detail was particularly impressive, and their communication throughout the project was excellent.


A reservation platform is a software system that allows you to manage bookings, inventory, pricing, and availability of your travel products and services. An online booking system for any tour operator is a good idea. It will help you streamline your operations, reduce manual work, and increase customer satisfaction. A reservation platform is essential for any travel agency that wants to stay competitive and profitable in the current travel industry.
If you’re thinking of developing a travel booking platform, the features you should prioritize include a booking engine and interface, inventory management tool, payment gateway integration, CRM integration, third-party API integration, and analytics tool. Here at Zoftify, we build custom reservation software for tour operators, with all the tools and features your business needs.
If you decide to invest in a tour operator online booking system, you might be worried about the ease and cost of maintenance. In our experience, a well-made booking platform should be easy to maintain and update, with a user-friendly admin panel and a modular structure. You should be able to add, edit, or remove functionalities without affecting the core system.
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