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Craft unique experiences with a hospitality app tailored to your business. Boost direct bookings, connect with guests, and enhance your offer today.

What is a hospitality app?

A hospitality app is a mobile application designed to provide services and enhance the experience that hotels, hotel chains, resorts, and rentals offer. For businesses in the hospitality industry, these apps streamline operations and give clients everything they need for an unforgettable stay.

For service providers, hospitality apps can manage reservations, process payments, and offer insights into customer preferences and behaviors. For guests, they provide a convenient way to book rooms, order food, access customer services, and much more, all from their mobile devices.

Why your hospitality business needs a custom mobile app

Direct bookings

Say goodbye to third-party fees — encourage guests to book directly through your custom app. With a seamless booking and checkout process, you’ll enjoy a boost to business revenue and a closer relationship with your customers.

Customized promotions

Relevance is key to capturing guests’ attention. With a custom app, you can leverage guest data to create irresistible offers tailored just to them. Attract leisure lovers with luxurious spa packages or loyal customers with early bird discounts.

Personalized experiences

Give guests the keys to the perfect stay by letting them select their room preferences. With personalized recommendations for dining, activities, and amenities, happy guests become loyal customers.

Operational efficiency

Automate check-ins, checkouts, and service requests to streamline your operations. Cut out those time-consuming tasks and trim labor expenses today. And with data at your fingertips, you can uncover new opportunities for savings.

Enhanced communication

Keep guests in the loop with vital info and quick handling of requests and issues. Make them feel like VIPs every step of the way, setting the stage for rave reviews and strong brand loyalty.

Loyalty rewards

Empower guests to track points, discover perks, and redeem rewards — all from your custom app. Watch repeat bookings soar while you gain priceless insights into guest preferences and behaviors.

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Get closer to your customers

Bring your hospitality services into the hands of your customers with an all-in-one app. Our custom app development services ensure guests can book and manage their stays anytime, anywhere, in just a few clicks.

Personalize your marketing

Unlock the power of personalized marketing with our custom hospitality solutions. With access to customers' behavioral data, we help you craft targeted offers and messages that resonate with their individual needs. Boost engagement and revenue with impactful marketing that truly speaks to users.

Showcase your brand through unique design

Our experts create stunning, user-friendly interfaces that help your brand stand out in today’s market. Our team crafts digital experiences that are more than just functional — they’re exciting and enjoyable. Show off your strengths with a custom app from Zoftify.

Communicate better with your guests

With a custom hospitality app, guests can easily submit requests, report issues, ask questions, and manage their bookings in one place. Whether they need room service or an upgrade, you can respond promptly through your app, fostering satisfaction and building lasting relationships.

Get ready to scale up

Our solutions are designed to grow with you, accommodating increasing numbers of users, services, and data without compromising performance. Whether you're expanding your property portfolio or enhancing your offerings, our apps help you maintain seamless operations and consistent guest experiences.

Support customers at every step of the journey

Be an ever-present companion for your guests with a custom hospitality app. Enable effortless bookings before arrival, provide instant access to services and support during their stays, and continue the relationships post-departure with feedback opportunities and enticing return offers.

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Our travel and hospitality industry clients

Independent hotels

Amplify the enjoyment of every guest stay. Leverage a hospitality app to enhance your operational efficiency, and provide a convenient platform for guests to make reservations, request services, and get instant access to important information.

Hotel chains

Unify and uplift your brand experience across all properties. For hotel groups, a hospitality app allows for centralized management of bookings, guest communication, and data analytics, giving you oversight of your entire portfolio like never before.


Let your hospitality app serve as an interactive web tool for browsing and booking amenities and services. From spa treatments to dining reservations, enrich the guest experience and increase on-site spending.

Short-term rentals

Bring your rental into today’s market with a custom travel app. Provide guests with a seamless check-in process, local recommendations, and a direct communication channel to boost guest satisfaction and encourage repeat business. Guests will love the convenience.

Our hospitality app development process

Here at Zoftify, we’ve refined our travel and hospitality app development process to guarantee exceptional results every time.


First, we explore how a hospitality app can help to meet your unique business needs. Together, we create a project roadmap for turning your ideas into achievable goals.


Our talented designers work their magic to visualize your software through prototypes. You’ll see exactly how it will look and function before we start building.


Our development team creates your hospitality app, adding layers of code like building blocks. Each line of code contributes to a strong foundation and adds functionality to your bespoke hospitality solution.

Deployment and maintenance

After your app is developed, we'll launch it to the world. But we don’t stop there — we provide continuous support, regular updates, and maintenance to keep your hospitality solution working hard for you and your guests.

Why choose Zoftify

Hospitality and travel industry expertise

We’re more than just a development company — we are a team of experts, dedicated to creating the best mobile apps for iOS and Android. With our deep-rooted commitment to hospitality industry best practices and the latest innovative technology, we craft hospitality solutions that exceed expectations.

High development standards

We pride ourselves on maintaining high development standards. We’ve worked with both large travel businesses and small tourism agencies, guaranteeing the same exceptional quality and service in all our projects.

Pre-built solutions for mobile apps

Our pre-built tools can be bolted onto our custom apps to help you save time and money. On a budget? Enhance your hospitality services with our ready-made modules designed just for the travel industry.