Coral Travel — a white-label booking app for a large tour agency

Coral Travel is one of the most popular tour operators in Eastern Europe. Once downloaded users can browse across different curated tour options and order the tour right from the app. We've partnered with a client to create a scalable and easily configurable white-label app with React Native.

Coral Travel Work

React Native Development

Backend Development


Travel & Leisure


Several years ago one of the biggest tour booking agencies in Eastern Europe wanted to create a mobile application for selling tour packages online. They developed an initial version themselves, but later on, decided to involve developers from outside in order to improve the app's performance as well as enrich that with new features.


We've started working with the client at the stage where they've already had a mobile application with active users. At the time we joined the project here was a list of important issues in terms of performance and UX that needed to be fixed. Zoftify has successfully fixed all of them which resulted in improved Google Play and App Store ratings.

After we've shown great React Native development skills, the client decided to revamp some of the core components of the app as well as the UI. We've refactored nearly 50% of the app following the best industry standards, upgraded the app to the very latest versions and ensured its stability.

We've also converted the initial React Native application into a fully scalable white-label solution. That allowed the client to publish multiple applications under the licences of well-known tour brands with the possibility to sell this software as SaaS.

Next awesome trip adventure at your fingertips

Travelling is one of the best recreational activities of all time. People enjoy their time off while vacationing on one of the beaches in Turkey or Maldives, or snowboarding in the Alpes. They spend a lot of money in order to have an amazing and truly unforgettable time. Even though there is a bunch of options for self-booking trips, planes and hotels, tour booking is still a very profitable niche. Millions of people prefer having everything done for them without worrying about transfers, hotel bookings, plane delays and many other tricky things of any trip. Also, some agencies might offer better pricing as they might have special deals from hotels and charter air lanes.

Next awesome trip adventure at your fingertips

Core technologies

React Native

Mobile application framework


Programming language

Real-time communication

Async Storage

Local storage


State management


FCM, Analytics


Crash reporting tool

Node.js (Express)

Server, REST API


API caching


Cloud database


CI/CD, Containers

App features

1. Tours booking

An easy-to-use booking process having a couple of steps only. The hotel cards show all the necessary information without the need of opening its page.

1. Tours booking

2. Detailed info from trusted sources

The data is retrieved from multiple 3rd-party sources including Trip Advisor, hotel info provider and others. The data is combined and analysed.
Zoftify has also implemented a complex caching mechanism both on the front end and back end sides to ensure the app works fast.

2. Detailed info from trusted sources

3. Advanced filters & sorting options

We've also implemented an advanced filter and sorting feature. Once users update the filter option, the app displays a number of found tours in real-time. In addition to that, the tour availability is also verifying in real-time providing users with a smooth searching experience.

3. Advanced filters & sorting options
Price actualization

The prices are being updated in real-time. In order to support this feature, we've implemented 2-sided communication with a help of

Tour categories

Curated tours are displayed in a convenient way by categories: hot deals, tours by a county, tours by an activity.


Users may reach out to a manager in order to find out all the information about the trip.

Company news

The company may post the news, special offers, and tour tips & tricks in a format of a blog.

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