Helping travelers to book unforgettable holidays

Helping travelers to book unforgettable holidays

Travel agency betting on mobile

Adventura, a 110-agent travel agency from Eastern Europe, caters to diverse customers with holiday packages ranging from family trips to Turkey or Egypt to luxurious getaways in destinations like the 3 Valleys or Maldives. Recognizing the significance of mobile apps early on, they defied skeptics in 2018 by piloting a mobile app for their agency.

Encouraged by positive feedback, they boldly invested in the idea, cementing their commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

Travel agency betting on mobile

The latest stats from early 2023 demonstrate the pivotal role played by the mobile app in the agency's operations, yielding impressive results. Over the past four years, we have supported the client in establishing a robust business centered around a captivating mobile app that keeps travelers engaged and delivers an exceptional experience.


Bookings are made from the mobile app


User rating


Increase in repeated bookings


Average push notifications open rate

travel agency screens

How to survive the pandemic

2020 hit the travel industry hard, with lockdowns, flight cancellations, and people stuck at home. But we turned things around with our client by revamping their mobile app to focus on local travel within the country. They had operations in multiple countries, so they split their efforts and it paid off big time. They kept 80% of their staff and as soon as the restrictions lifted, they were back in full swing from day 1.

How to survive the pandemic
User Experience is everything

User Experience is everything

In the crowded app market, a standout user experience is not a luxury but a must-have. That's exactly what we delivered for the Adventura. We crafted a cutting-edge design system, perfectly aligned with their brand colors and vision. By analyzing competitors and listening to user feedback, we ensured an unrivaled user experience. It's what sets the Adventura apart from the competition and leaves users craving more.

A/B testing

A/B testing is the secret weapon for supercharging a travel mobile app's performance and user experience. We went all in, conducting a whopping 13 A/B tests that covered everything from tour cards and onboarding screens to the Search and Hot Tours screens. It's through these tests that we fine-tuned every detail, ensuring that the app delivers nothing but the best. By analyzing user preferences and behavior, we made data-driven improvements that guarantee a seamless and unforgettable journey for every user.

Travel agency A/B tests
Travel agency A/B tests

Seasoned offers

We revamped the app's design to adapt based on the active booking season. Picture this: vibrant and sunny hues for those seeking beach getaways, and a cool blue and white theme for winter adventure enthusiasts. The result? A whopping 12% increase in in-app searches! By tailoring the app's visuals to match users' booking preferences, we not only captured attention but also enhanced engagement. It's all about giving users what they want, precisely when they want it.

Seasoned offers


Jānis B.

Product Manager at Adventura

We're happy with the work Zoftify has done for us so far. They've proven to be incredibly reliable, and we have complete confidence in their abilities.

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