Hotel property management system

Bespoke Property Management System for Your Hotel

Set yourself up for success with a hotel PMS from Zoftify. Boost your efficiency and take your business to the next level.

What Zoftify can do for you

Create a tailored PMS for your business

Transform your operations with a custom PMS. Whether you run an independent hotel or a chain, we can craft a cloud-based PMS to meet your unique needs at every step, from reservation to checkout.

Audit and improve your current PMS

You need a PMS that works as hard as you do. Our experts can identify and fix any issues with your current PMS and upgrade your room management, billing, and guest service features. Level up now to stay ahead in the hospitality game.

Integrate with an online booking engine

Streamline your hotel operations with an integrated booking engine. Boost direct bookings, speed up the reservation processes, and maximize occupancy rates all through your PMS. And with real time updates, you can stay informed and prevent overbooking.

Incorporate a front-desk module

Optimize your hotel's check-in and check-out processes with a specialized front-desk module in your PMS. Cut guest wait times and speed up billing, so staff can focus on providing a quality service.

Develop a channel manager

Expand your hotel's reach with a custom channel manager. Connect your PMS to distribution channels and other providers. Increase visibility, attract more guests, and manage reservations from one place.

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Implement payment gateways

Accepting secure online payments has never been so easy. Link your PMS to Stripe to simplify payment processing and make booking hassle-free. We can also connect your PMS to your point of sale systems.

Connect your PMS to customer-facing apps

Improve the guest experience with a PMS that connects to customer-facing apps. Allow guests to unlock their room, pause housekeeping, and make simple purchases all in one place, for a fuss-free stay at your hotel.

Integrate a housekeeping module

With an integrated housekeeping module, your team can stay on top of administrative tasks and ensure rooms are kept sparkling. And with reminders and stats to keep you in check, you can guarantee a positive guest experience every time.

Develop a reporting module

Leverage the power of data with an advanced reporting module. Use your system to monitor occupancy, analyze RevPAR, and delve into guest trends. With these rich insights, you can make data-driven decisions and take your hotel business to new heights.

Integrate a CRM system

Connect your CRM to your PMS to provide unrivalled customer service. With your guest data synced to your management services, you can stay on top of guest preferences and offer personalized experiences. Zoftify helps you turn one-time guests into loyal patrons.

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5 reasons why you need a custom PMS


Technological transformation

New to property management systems? An impressive 86% of hotel businesses consider their hotel PMS to be the most critical part of their business operations. Having a system tailored to your unique needs can significantly improve the way you work and set your hotel business ahead on its modernization journey.


Seamless integration capabilities

A whopping 74% of property owners expect their PMS to merge seamlessly with other technologies. At Zoftify, we’ve got you covered. Our custom systems are integrated with the tools and workflows you need to transform your business operations.


Boost in efficiency

Join the 80% of hotel owners who see technology as a means to a smoother-running business. Here at Zoftify, our custom property management systems are designed to work hard for you. Manage every aspect of your accommodation business in one place.


Effective front desk operations

Drastically improve the front desk experience with a PMS. Speed up check-in, streamline customer service, free up your staff, and much more with a custom system. It’s no wonder that 55% of hotel managers today are seeking to enhance or replace traditional front-desk processes with technological solutions.


Future-proof your business

A custom system from Zoftify can evolve as your business changes. With the reliance on technology in the hotel industry set to increase to almost 100% in the next five years, make sure you’re ahead of the curve with a flexible and dynamic system.

Essential PMS modules that every hotel needs

Get a hotel property management system from Zoftify to streamline your hospitality operations. Customize your PMS with the modules your business needs.

Reservations management

At the heart of any good hotel PMS is a robust reservations management tool, supported by a booking engine. This can handle the entire booking process, allowing guests to make reservations, modify or cancel bookings, and manage availability in real time. Ensure that each reservation is securely logged and managed for smooth operations.

Check-in and check-out

Provide guests with a seamless and personalized experience during their arrival and departure. With efficient check-in and check-out processes, reduced wait times, and accurate information in one place, you can enhance guest satisfaction and optimize staff productivity.

Room inventory management

Managing your room inventory and reservations is crucial for maximizing occupancy rates and optimizing revenue. In real time, this module displays information on room availability, so your staff can make informed decisions and prevent overbooking. Track and manage room availability with ease like never before.

Guest profile and history

With a comprehensive database of guest information, property management systems can be used to elevate the guest experience. See guests’ preferences and stay histories, and use this data to personalize your services and offer tailored recommendations.

Billing and invoicing

Financial management is an integral part of hotel operations. With a billing and invoicing module, you can connect your system to other financial systems to benefit both staff and guests. Process transactions with ease and allow customers to review and settle their accounts.

Point of sale (POS)

Handle on-site purchases with a POS module. With a centralized billing system for restaurant bills, spa services, and other amenities, you can track revenue from multiple sources. Plus, link to guest accounts for easier transaction management, upselling, and personalization.

Reporting module

Add a reporting module to your custom PMS to transform your property management operations. Get rich insights from your PMS by pulling data from your booking engine, room inventory module, or revenue management system. Check guests' spending habits, occupancy rates, preferences and more to better understand the performance of your properties and use this information to optimize pricing and marketing strategies, like updating room rates or upping your average daily rate.

Channel manager

Channel management becomes a breeze with a dedicated channel manager integrated within your hotel property management system. Control your room inventory, rates, and reservations all within your hotel PMS and enjoy automatic updates across your distribution channels. Keep your listings up to date, maintain pricing parity, prevent overbookings, and improve overall customer service.

Housekeeping and maintenance management

Connect your property management system to a housekeeping module to create an all-in-one solution for staff. Centralize room information, schedules, and communication in your PMS so your housekeepers and maintenance teams have everything they need to keep your property up to standard. You can also prioritize and assign tasks, track progress, and record notes in your system. Streamlining the cleaning process will go a long way to improving overall guest experience.

Benefits of property management systems for hotels

Personalized guest experience

When combined with a customer relationship management (CRM) system, your property management system can take your guest management to the next level. With guest profiles full of guest information, preferences, and behavioral data at your fingertips, your system will help you to offer tailored services from the get go. With easy access to guest profiles, hotel staff can ensure a warm and personalized welcome at check-in.

Seamless online booking

Integrating your property management system with an online booking engine will provide numerous benefits for your hotel. Real-time synchronization between the two systems guarantees instant updates and prevents overbooking. And by capturing booking information directly from the booking engine, manual data entry becomes a thing of the past, saving time and reducing errors. Plus, group reservations become easier than ever to handle.

Direct bookings and revenue generation

An online booking engine integrated with your property management system offers a user-friendly platform for potential guests. With an easy way to view availability and rates and make payments, you’ll increase the likelihood of direct bookings (and returning customers). Remember, direct bookings mean more revenue for your hotel, as you avoid paying commissions to third-party booking sites.

Efficient management of multiple properties

Our custom PMS software can handle multiple properties, from hotel chains to vacation rentals, guest houses, independent hotels, and other independent properties. With a centralized dashboard, managers can quickly access property information, including features, rates, and occupancy status. Get the overview you need with a centralized platform from Zoftify.

Why you need a channel manager in your hotel management software

By integrating a channel manager into your cloud-based property management system, you not only optimize your booking engine but also streamline your overall operations and transform the way you manage your listings. A channel manager is an essential tool for any modern property management system. Here’s why.


Integrate a channel manager into your property management software to centralize all bookings from all channels — your hotel website, OTAs, and walk-ins. Manage hotel operations with ease and keep track of all reservations in one place to reduce the risk of overbooking.

Automatic rate management

A channel manager within your PMS software will automatically adjust pricing across all distribution channels. Keep your rooms competitively priced to attract potential guests and boost your revenue.

Time and resource efficiency

With all your booking sites updated automatically, you can make quick decisions about resourcing and free up employees’ time to focus on other aspects of hotel management. A channel manager helps you to manage your resources with confidence.

Enhanced booking engine

A modern property management system should pair with a channel manager and booking engine. This will help instantaneously update room statuses and sync this data with your hotel website or booking app, so potential guests can view availability and rates in real time. By optimizing your booking engine with real time data, you’ll encourage more direct bookings and reduce your dependence on third-party platforms.

Group booking management

With a channel manager in your system, managing group bookings becomes easier than ever. Update room statuses and input data in bulk to ensure group bookings are accurately reflected across all channels.

Data and analytics

Get valuable data and insights from your channel manager. By understanding booking patterns, channel performance, and customer behavior, you can make strategic decisions to enhance profitability.

Seamless integration

At Zoftify, we ensure your channel manager integrates seamlessly with your booking engine and PMS software. We guarantee a smooth flow of information, making it easier to manage your operations.


What is a property management system (PMS)?

A property management system (PMS), also known as property management software or hotel management software, serves as an all-in-one solution not only for hotel chains but also for independent hotels and guest houses in the hospitality industry. It effectively oversees a range of hotel operations, guest services, and administrative functions.