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What is software testing?

Software testing is the process of evaluating and verifying a software application to ensure that it functions flawlessly and meets all requirements, from app store specifications to industry and security standards.

Testing is crucial for ensuring the quality, reliability, user-friendly experience, and performance of software like web or mobile apps before they are released to users.

What are the benefits of testing?

Bug identification

Software testing helps to identify and fix any bugs before they become major issues. By spotting technical issues early on, you’ll keep delivering an excellent customer experience and minimize financial losses. A smart move for any travel business.

Enhancing quality

Boost customers’ confidence in your hospitality and travel services with our testing services. With thorough performance checks and UI testing, you can improve the quality of your software and help it stand out against the competition. Providing a smooth experience and meeting user expectations is the key to client satisfaction.

Cost reduction

Software testing helps to identify issues early in the development process, saving you money in the long run. Compatibility testing, UI testing, and API testing alone can lead to significant cost savings throughout the development lifecycle and minimize potential losses after deployment.

Risk mitigation

Manage software-related risks with our web and mobile testing services. Our rigorous testing processes help to prevent potential software failures that may cause you financial losses and reputational damage.

Security assurance

If you handle sensitive customer data, it’s essential to check for vulnerabilities in your software. Keep your systems hacker-proof with our software testing services. With the help of Zoftify, you can reassure customers that their personal details and payment information are safe from data breaches.

Compliance and standards

Our testing services are designed to help your software comply with industry standards and regulations. Maintain the highest standards of security and performance to protect your reputation and minimize potential legal and financial challenges. It’s a must.

ISTQB certified

Our testers are internationally recognized specialists with ISTQB certifications. Here at Zoftify, we’re well-equipped with vast expertise in the travel software space. We design, build, and test travel and hospitality apps to the highest industry standards to ensure they perform flawlessly for our clients and customers on all platforms and devices.

Our testing methods

Developer testing

This is testing carried out by our expert developers, starting from the coding stage of your project. We ensure that everything works as expected, down to the code level of your system.

Unit testing

Unit testing means rigorous testing of the individual units or components of your hospitality or travel software — each separate function, method, or class. Our developers create functions to test your system automatically, with our tests offering 70-80% code coverage.

Integration testing

Both our developers and dedicated testers carry out software integration testing. This involves examining the complex flows of integrated systems. Our developers use test automation frameworks and an emulator to perform higher-level system checks.

Manual testing

Manual testing is performed by our dedicated team of testers. They carefully review the functionality of your software against acceptance criteria. They look at performance, usability, and carry out GUI testing to ensure your system meets the specified requirements.

Automated testing

We use advanced automation software testing tools and scripts to validate functionality across different environments and configurations. Automated testing involves running frequent and repetitive tests.

Automated regression testing

Automated regression testing involves running a set of automated test cases to verify that new features or recent changes to your hospitality or travel software didn't negatively impact its existing functionality.

Automated performance testing

Automated performance testing looks at the speed, responsiveness, and stability of your software under various conditions. This test is especially important for complex travel apps, as we simulate different loads, stress levels, and user interactions. We want your hospitality and travel applications to remain stable at all times.

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Which type of testing do I need?

Functional testing

Functional testing involves testing the individual functionalities of your software to ensure they work as expected. This could mean testing the booking and search functionality, user account management, and any payment integrations. We also carry out rigorous API testing.

Usability testing

Usability testing focuses on the accessibility and overall customer experience of your hospitality or travel software. It also involves user interface testing to test how intuitive and easy it is for end users to navigate the system, read text, and perform other tasks, in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAC).

Performance testing

Performance testing ensures that your software or system can handle high volumes of user traffic without performance issues. It involves stress testing processes and checking response times, hardware and software integrations, and stability under various load conditions. You want your system to handle peak usage without slowdowns or crashes.

Security testing

Security testing is crucial for keeping customers' personal information safe. By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in your travel and hospitality system, you can ensure your software meets GDPR and is protected from common threats like SQL injections and cross-site scripting.

Travel-oriented testing team

Travel market expertise

There are lots of great test teams, but not many with advanced industry expertise. We are a team of renowned experts who understand the challenges that travel and hospitality organizations face. We’ll help you thrive in today’s competitive market with top-notch, tried and tested software.

Direct contact

We cut out the middleman and work directly with you to test your systems. We believe that’s the key to excellent client relationships. Whenever you have a question about your project, you’ll speak directly to a dedicated project manager.

We've got it all covered

Count on us to handle the entire development process, from development to release and everything in between. With our continuous testing and support offer, our clients can focus on running their travel businesses. Leave the tricky stuff to us.

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