Dedicated travel software development team

Dedicated travel software development team

Our expert software developers use their industry expertise to bring you unparalleled digital solutions with a faster time-to-market

What is a dedicated software development team?

A dedicated software development team is a specialized team of professionals focused on creating and maintaining software specifically for the travel industry.

Here at Zoftify, our dedicated team consists of experts in software development, design, quality assurance, and project management. We combine our vast experience in the travel sector with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs to deliver custom solutions that transform businesses.

Our trusted team follows agile development methodologies to remain flexible and adaptable to your priorities. We stay up to date with industry trends and incorporate customer feedback to build effective, tailored software every time. That’s what sets our team apart.

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Build your custom software from scratch

Get custom travel software that meets your needs. Using our industry knowledge and technical expertise, our dedicated team of developers, QA specialists, designers, and project managers will craft a tailored solution that performs well, meets the latest security standards, and offers great experience for your customers.

Assess your current software

We know what works well in today’s challenging market, and we know what customers expect. Our team of dedicated developers will review your existing software to identify areas for improvement. We use our knowledge of UX, accessibility, and the latest tech to shape laser-focused project requirements for future tech upgrades.

Customize your existing software

We’ll optimize your existing travel software to help you get ahead of the competition. From adding new features and refreshing the design to improving load times, our dedicated development team keeps in tune with the latest industry trends to deliver successful upgrade projects every time.

Build a prototype for proof of concept

Get a prototype of your dream software to present to your team. We’ll help you visualize your software, test different versions, and study its viability. Prototypes bring your ideas to life and help you refine your requirements before the team moves into development.

Implement user-centric design

We follow the latest in user-centric design and accessibility principles to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. Work with our dedicated team of UX experts to boost adoption of your solution and enhance customer satisfaction.

Integrate third-party APIs

Integrate your software with third-party APIs for access to a vast inventory of global products and services. Our dedicated development team can connect you to GDSs, car rental providers, maps and more, enriching your offering to customers. Count on us for seamless integrations, without compromising your platform's functionality.

Quality assurance and testing

We conduct rigorous testing to identify and fix issues with your travel software project before it is deployed to end users. Get a sophisticated, error-free product from a dedicated team to maintain your reputation in the market as a reliable travel business.

Discovery services

Our product discovery services help you to uncover unique value propositions for your travel software. Through our discovery process, we conduct thorough market analysis to ensure your product aligns with customer expectations, setting you up for success.

Ensure scalability for future growth

We design software with scalability in mind. Our project team knows how to meet your needs today while accommodating the future growth of your travel company. Our software is built to handle increased user loads, new features, and integrations as your company evolves.

10 reasons to hire a dedicated software development team now

Accelerate your transformation

When you hire a dedicated team, you get to leverage years’ worth of expertise and specialist knowledge in the tech and travel industries. With our finger on the pulse, our dedicated team’s software development services will accelerate your transformation for a competitive edge.

No recruitment struggles

Recruiting skilled professionals in the field of travel software development can be challenging. Speed up the hiring process and get the best technical talent with relevant expertise right away with our dedicated team model.

Start your project right away

Get the expertise you need from day one thanks to our dedicated development team. With years of relevant experience and a refined project methodology, our remote specialists can get started on both short and long-term projects with no time wasted. That’s why so many clients choose Zoftify as their software development team.

Faster time-to-market

With the whole team ready to work exclusively on your project, we can build and launch your custom software in just a short period of time. The dedicated development team model significantly reduces the time needed for onboarding and cuts out time-consuming tasks, so you can deliver your product to customers quickly.

Cost-effective recruiting

The costs involved with hiring, training, and retaining an in-house team can be significant. Save money by cutting out the HR-specific tasks and get a ready-made team in no time. And with a quality end-product guaranteed, dedicated development teams often make a more cost-effective choice than in-house teams.

Proven track record

Here at Zoftify, we’ve delivered many successful and award-winning products, but don’t just take our word for it. When choosing a dedicated team, you get complete control over your project. You can evaluate the specific skills and accomplishments of a team first to make sure they are right for you.

Access to global talent

Here at Zoftify, we’ve selected the best talent so you don’t have to. By hiring a dedicated team, you get access to expert software developers from around the world, who are ready to bring global expertise and perspectives to your project. You’ll benefit from their innovative thinking and problem-solving capabilities.

Tried and tested workflows

Not sure how software development works? Opt for the dedicated team model. Focus on growing your company while we follow our refined development workflows, and get software that fits seamlessly into your business processes. Even after your product has launched, dedicated teams will treat it as an ongoing project to keep it in top condition.

Risk mitigation

Our dedicated development team brings a structured approach to the development process, making us a safe bet for guaranteed success. Our experience across various projects helps us identify issues early to save your project from unexpected delays and hidden costs.

Continuous support and maintenance

A dedicated team will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your software, keeping it in optimal condition. With regular updates, bug fixes, and expert minds focused on continuous improvement, your product will stay fresh and relevant in the travel market.

Companies we work with

Online travel agencies

We develop custom, on-brand platforms that optimize the booking experience for agents and customers. We integrate our systems with other travel services for maximum choice and convenience.

Tour operators

We help tour operators to streamline their workflows, enhance efficiency, and increase customer retention and satisfaction with software that aligns with their business goals.

Travel technology companies

Our team builds software that can quickly and seamlessly integrate into any travel company's comprehensive ecosystem, empowering them to enhance their workflow and offer a one-stop solution for customers.

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Our standard tech stack

Node.js and NestJS

Node.js is a runtime environment that lets our team of dedicated developers build server-side applications. Its architecture efficiently handles concurrent requests, which is ideal for travel applications. NestJS, built on top of Node.js, provides a modular and scalable structure for building server-side applications.

Next.js and React.js

React.js is a component-based JavaScript framework for building frontend apps. It enables us to create reusable and interactive UI elements. Next.js framework enables server-side rendering and improved performance, and simplifies the development process for complex frontend applications.


PostgreSQL is a relational database management system that can be used to store and manage data related to bookings, user profiles, and other essential information. Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), it enables scalability, reliability, and ease of management.


AWS is a giant cloud that delivers multiple services to data centers around the world. AWS helps our team with transferring current applications into the cloud faster, easier and cheaper and implementing any possible projects in it. Docker is a software platform that packages software into standardized containers for rapid project development, testing, and deployment.

A dedicated software development team with industry expertise

As a dedicated development team, our tried and tested workflow helps us guarantee success for projects of all shapes and sizes. Our specialists are ready to work with your travel company.

Project managers

Our project managers steer projects to completion on time and within budget, ensuring seamless communication and coordination between all stakeholders. With development experience, industry expertise, and a commitment to your project, you’re in safe hands.

UI/UX designers

Our team of talented UI/UX designers craft stunning interfaces that enhance user satisfaction. The team will conduct thorough user research to design intuitive navigations and on-brand visuals that blend ease of use and aesthetic appeal.

Frontend developers

Our frontend developers craft responsive and dynamic systems using the best tools to ensure optimal performance across all devices. They work closely with the design team to ensure technical feasibility and user-centric implementation.

Backend developers

Our backend developers build robust, scalable backend systems with maximum reliability and security. Using the latest technologies, we can build and integrate advanced functionalities to enhance your software.

Mobile developers

Specializing in both iOS and Android, our team of mobile developers design and develop feature-rich applications that provide a superior mobile experience. Get an app that works flawlessly, looks sharp, and stays competitive in the fast-paced travel market.

Tech leads and software architects

Our tech leads and software architects devise strategic plans for your project to bring you software that is scalable and adaptable to future needs. With extensive experience in their field and an eager eye on the latest tech trends, they incorporate innovative solutions that enhance project outcomes.

QA engineers

Our team of QA engineers will rigorously test your software to guarantee a bug-free, stable, and smooth-running application. The team follows both automated and manual testing processes to cover all aspects of functionality and performance.

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Why choose Zoftify?

Travel industry expertise

Our dedicated development team consists of highly skilled professionals who know how the travel and hospitality industry works. We don't stop at simply building solutions — we provide insight and knowledge to help you stand out among competitors.

High development standards

We take pride in our award-winning software development services. Our team uses extensive expertise and a proven technology stack to ensure consistently great results for our clients. We also value trust and direct communication — that’s why we assign you a dedicated project manager.


Our dedicated development team of industry experts will integrate seamlessly into your business, so you can benefit from their skills and expertise from day one. Or we can upskill your team to follow our well-established process.