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What is a B2C travel portal?

A B2C (business-to-consumer) travel portal is an online platform that allows travel-related businesses and travel agents to sell services and products directly to consumers. Travel portals streamline the booking process for flights, hotels, rental cars, cruises, tour packages, and other travel experiences.

Unlike B2B (business-to-business) platforms, which enable business transactions, B2C portals focus on the end users — the travelers. With their intuitive, user-friendly interfaces, customers can easily search, compare, book, and manage travel services. The best portals include secure payment gateways, user reviews, detailed descriptions of services, and customizable travel options.

How can a B2C travel portal help your business?

Increased direct bookings

Use your custom B2C travel portal to interact directly with your customers and reduce reliance on third-party platforms. Bypass costly OTA commissions and enhance brand loyalty to enjoy higher profit margins.

Strong online presence

Elevate your brand and boost credibility with a stunning travel portal. Let it serve as a key touchpoint for your company, complete with engaging content and interactive components to help you attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Ownership of the entire booking flow

Owning the entire booking flow gives you full control of the user experience, pricing strategies, and customer service. This autonomy helps you make immediate adjustments to bookings to streamline the entire process. With a custom portal, you’re in control.

Revenue growth

With a custom B2C travel portal, it’s never been easier to upsell, cross-sell, and promote your unique offers. We’ll help you place these options strategically within your platform to boost the average value of your travel bookings and maximize your revenue.


You need a travel portal that can grow as you do. With our custom solutions, you can expand your feature set and integrate new services with ease. We ensure your portal meets the needs of customers now and in the future, supporting your long-term business growth.

Data analytics

Extract valuable insights from your custom B2C portal to help you optimize its performance. Leverage the power of customer and financial data to help you make informed decisions around marketing, pricing, and product development.

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Create a custom B2C travel portal

We excel in crafting custom B2C travel portals to meet your specific business objectives. Our user-centric solutions come with intuitive booking systems and other helpful components to meet the needs of customers and streamline your workflows at the same time.

Audit and optimize your current B2C travel portal

Let us take your existing portal to the next level. Our specialists conduct in-depth audits to pinpoint issues and then optimize all aspects, from the navigation to loading speeds. Our goal is to boost user satisfaction and conversion rates.

Integrate with diverse travel inventories

Seamlessly connect your portal to a wide range of travel inventories and take your business to new heights. Expand your offerings from local to global to enhance user choice. Join the global market today.

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Develop unique value propositions for your portal

Set yourself apart with unique features for your B2C travel portal. Customers can enjoy personalized recommendations, interactive itineraries, and loyalty programs, while you enjoy a competitive edge in the online travel industry.

Integrate your travel portal with various systems

Link your travel portal to your CRM system and secure payment gateways to boost its usability. With this added convenience, you’ll help to build customer trust and boost your online bookings.

Optimize your conversion rates

Enhance your portal's conversion rates through targeted A/B testing, pinpointing what works best for your audience. Our meticulous approach will improve levels of engagement and customer satisfaction with your portal.

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Complete online search and checkout flows for various inventories


With an advanced hotel booking system in your portal, travelers can browse and book hotels effortlessly. Let them explore endless options, from budget to luxury, and then book with convenience with an integrated online booking engine. This element is essential for accommodation providers and travel agencies looking to increase hotel bookings.


An in-built flight booking module will add value to your B2C travel portal. Business and leisure customers can access up-to-date flight information and prices, making it simple to compare and book flight tickets. This feature is crucial for providing a comprehensive travel planning experience.

Holiday packages

With a custom B2C travel portal, you can offer complete vacation packages, covering a variety of accommodation options. Let customers browse and filter their options by travel preferences and budgets, and then book online through the portal.


Enhance your B2C travel portal with a module for travel experiences. Help travelers to enrich their trips with memorable tours and local excursions, all available as easy add-ons through your portal.

Car rentals

Let customers find and book the perfect rental car, adding convenience and flexibility to their travel plans. With a car booking module in your B2C travel portal, you can become the go-to provider for all travel services. Plus, customers will appreciate the user-friendly interface and filter options.


With cruise booking functionality, you can offer a variety of cruise options within your B2C travel portal. This custom module makes it easy to find and book sea voyages — from luxury couple getaways to family-friendly trips.


Make life easier for your customers with a transfer services module. Customers can enjoy smooth travel connections with an integrated booking system for airport transfers, shuttle bus services, and other transport needs. A surefire way to boost customer satisfaction.

Our travel industry clients

Online travel agencies (OTAs)

B2C travel portal development is essential for online travel agencies looking to compete in today’s market. Stand out among the rest with a comprehensive online booking engine that showcases your best travel deals. Custom travel portals for OTAs enable quick and easy hotel and flight booking for both agents and customers.

Tour operators

If your travel company specializes in curated travel experiences, get an easy-to-use platform for showcasing and selling your unique packages. Combined with a robust booking engine and advanced customization capabilities, our custom B2C travel portal development services empower tour operators and tour agents to take control of their bookings.

Travel wholesalers

Distribute your inventory with the help of our B2C travel portal development services. Custom portals allow you to provide travel agencies with access to your extensive range of products and services through a booking engine. Making it easier for online travel agents to access and book your offerings is a win-win for everyone.

Destination management companies (DMCs)

Travel management companies need reliable B2C travel portals to promote local experiences and accommodation. We can build a one-stop shop for your customers to explore destinations and book online with ease. They’ll get the online travel agency experience combined with your specialized local knowledge and unique deals.

Travel service providers

Whatever service you offer, from airport pick-ups to travel insurance, we build custom B2C travel portals to help you scale. Our portals act as direct sales channels, helping travel companies cut out the middleman. With user-friendly booking engines built in, travelers can bypass intermediaries and become loyal end customers.

Our B2C travel portal development process

At Zoftify, our tried and tested development process allows us to create custom online travel software with outstanding results every time.


First, we learn what you need from your portal. As your dedicated B2C travel portal development company, we immerse ourselves in your business to truly understand what you and your customers need. We work together to turn your ideas into robust plans and create a roadmap for your travel portal solution.


Our expert designers produce a prototype for your portal, capturing its look and feel – think of it as a blueprint. With these detailed designs, you can see what your travel website or portal will look like and how it will work.


Next, our experienced developers build your portal, adding code piece by piece. Each part of the code makes the portal stronger and adds features to enhance its usability and convenience.

Quality assurance (Testing)

We carefully test your portal to ensure it meets your standards and functions seamlessly. We work with you to identify and fix any problems, making sure your travel website or portal works perfectly.

Deployment and maintenance

Finally, we launch your online travel booking portal. But we don't stop there – we’re committed to ongoing support and maintenance. Through regular updates, we ensure your B2C travel portal solution performs flawlessly and remains cutting-edge.

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Why choose Zoftify?

Travel and tourism industry expertise

We’re more than just a development company — we are an international travel technology team with proven experience in developing leading B2C travel portals. With our deep-rooted commitment to industry best practices and the latest innovations, we craft travel technology solutions that exceed expectations.

High development standards

We pride ourselves on maintaining high development standards. We’ve worked with both large travel companies and small tour operators, guaranteeing the same exceptional quality and service in every project.

Pre-built solutions

With our ready-made, add-on modules built specifically for the travel and tourism sector, we enhance our custom travel portal solutions with the tools customers really want. That’s how we develop high quality travel solutions that save you time and money. Get up and running in no time.