On journeys and changes: Zoftify's updated website

On journeys and changes: Zoftify's updated website

Welcome to the brand new version of our website! If you've visited us before, you'll certainly notice numerous changes, from its fresh appearance to an enhanced user experience and a refined focus. There's so much to explore! Allow us to share the story behind these changes, why they're significant, and what you can expect from our team in the future.

Zoftify redesign

Developing a new strategy and updating our website to reflect it was a journey in itself. And like any good journey, it was an enriching experience that reshaped our identity. We wanted to make it more clear who and how we help — creating digital products for travel companies.

Better looking, more efficient

We've crafted an original design to accommodate — and celebrate — our transformation. Much effort has been poured into creating a fresh and distinct visual style, encompassing color and UI choices.

Better looking, more efficient

One of its pillars is the use of informative illustrations. We've ensured that they tell a story and enhance the reader's understanding of Zoftify's personality and professional priorities. We also decided to update our fonts. The new selections blend seamlessly with the rest of the website and offer a more comfortable reading experience.

New identity

Setting sails

Or is it "sales"? Regardless, reaching out to us is now easier than ever, thanks to our new contact form! We tested several options and found the perfect balance to make it both informative and swift. We can't wait for you to give it a try.

Zoftify contact form

Well, what are you waiting for? Come aboard and prepare for exciting new journeys with our team!

Alex loves travel and tech and founded Zoftify to help travel companies use technology more effectively. Before this, he worked in tech consulting, where he led international mobile development teams.

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